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  • [Webinar Series] The End of Road for your EBS: Why Act Now and Where to Start

    Despite the fact that Oracle EBS 12.1 will be out of Premier Support by December 2021, due to a number of reasons including COVID-19, some customers are still waiting and are reluctant to take action towards modernizing their ERP, leaving them vulnerable to the risks and costs that come by losing Premier Support.

    This series of webinars is intended to help you prepare, plan, and manage your ERP modernization plans in time before the deadline, whether that is an upgrade to R12.2 On-Prem, an upgrade to R12.2 with a move to OCI, or a move to Oracle ERP Cloud, and provide worthwhile action items for clients to take prior to their next step.

    Our 3 live webinars will be covering:

    • Latest EBS Support Timelines
    • Costs, Risks, and Impact of losing Premier SupportPath and Options to Move forward from 12.1
    • Strategic action items for clients to take prior to their next ERP modernization step
    • Benefits of taking action now towards your ERP Roadmap
    • Why Upgrade + OCI migration is the “Cloud-Smart” Approach to your R12.2 Upgrade
    • Advantages of working with an MSE