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Oracle Solutions Brazil

Brazil’s reputation as a challenging business environment is well warranted and implementing Oracle E-Business Suite in Brazil is a unique challenge even for seasoned Oracle experts.

But the truth is that multi-national companies operate there successfully using Oracle every day and ITC Brazil has been fortunate to partner with many of these companies over the years. Our team in Brazil is made up of Brazilian Oracle experts who focus on multi-national implementations and rollouts, long term Oracle support services, and technical development for Oracle and the products that complement Oracle’s solution for Brazil. Our regional expertise and global perspective has helped us achieve a reputation as a leading advisor for multi-national organizations using Oracle EBS in Brazil today.

4 Stage Oracle Solutions

The local statutory requirements in Brazil have resulted in an Oracle solution that is made up of four primary components.

Core Oracle

These are the modules that make up the global Oracle EBS solution worldwide.


Localizations, formerly known as Globalizations, provide additional functionality that is developed and supported by Oracle as part of their global solution. Examples include: Multi-Language Functionality, Latin Tax Engine, and Global Flexfields.

Add-on Localizations

Add-on Localizations, formerly known as Localizations, address requirements and functionality specific ONLY to Brazil. They are developed and supported by Oracle Brazil. Examples include: Integrated Receiving, Brazil EFT for AP and AR, and CLL Views.

Partner Solutions

Partner solutions are developed and supported by Oracle approved partners who have designed their products to address requirements not met by Oracle EBS in Brazil.  Examples include: Electronic Nota Fiscal, SPED, and Import / Export functionality.

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