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White Papers

  • Users and EHR: Why Adoption Means More than Training

    Defining – and Attaining – EHR Adoption

    Training is a key part, but not the only part, of an adoption plan. Learn the three other parts to help you achieve adoption of IT investments.

    Learn about:

    • Defining internal indication of successful user adoption
    • Achieving a strong Adoption Realization Curve
    • Going beyond training to enhance adoption
  • Leveraging Oracle UPK for Software Testing


    Testing is arguably the most important step in the software project lifecycle, but it can also be a time consuming and tedious task for most testers and IT analysts. Fortunately, organizations can take leverage the power of Oracle UPKs testing outputs to relieve some of the main testing pain points including test script creation and maintenance, UAT, integration to automation tools- and more.

    Download our White Paper to learn about:

    • How Oracle UPK supports Testing
    • UPK integration with automated testing suites
    • Creating Test scripts with UPK
    • User Acceptance Testing with UPK
    • UPK in the Testing lifecycle
  • Guía para Implementar Oracle E-Business Suite en Latinoamérica

    Para que una implementación de Oracle E-Business Suite sea exitosa, es vital realizar una planeación efectiva. En este whitepaper, encontrará una guía rápida de todos los aspectos que involucra una implementación de Oracle EBS en la región, para que puede planear adecuadamente:

    • Clima de Negocios y Mercado en Latinoamérica
    • Retos culturales y de lenguaje
    • Requisitos legales y fiscales
    • Principales beneficios de una implementación de EBS en la región

    Si desea mayor información consulte nuestro assessment gratuito en la sección debajo.

  • Using the IoT to Increase Corporate Productivity

    Have you ever wondered what will happen when we start living in a ‘Smart World’ ? Wonder no more, we are there.

    Yes, it’s true that by 2020 we will all be a part of a ‘Smart World’ where IoT will not be limited to connecting people or data but might expand to a network of biological high-tech sensors that study your DNA. With 20.4 billion devices connected to each other, automatic communication taking place, digitilization, new business models, and agile supply chains find out how IoT, Big Data and Cloud will change and shape your business and future IT Roadmap.

  • World Technological Adoption: An Inside View To The Global Economy

    Four Forces That Will Change and Shape Your Business

    Our world has drastically changed over the past 25 years, from the way we do business to how we live our lives. As we approach 2020, four forces are emerging as major technology disrupters:

    • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning

    The worldwide IT services’ market is forecasted to grow by 4.2% in USD; therefore, it is critical to identify markets with high growth potential. How can your business benefit from these changes and become future-ready to face them?