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White Papers

  • Oracle Mobile – A Solution for Efficiency and Accuracy of Warehouse Operations

    It is always a challenge to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and cut costs, especially if warehouse and supply chain operations are an important part of your business. This white paper explains how Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) can help you get accurate data for material allocations and eliminate any errors via mobile devices. Learn how to optimize your use of warehouse space with License Plate Numbers (LPN) and establish warehouse management processes based on your specific business requirements with WMS Rules Engine.

  • Oracle Configure to Order: A Business Perspective

    This paper offers guidelines for implementing Oracle Configure to Order solutions that integrate customer needs with streamlined production processes. Learn which functional steps are necessary in order to deploy Oracle Applications as a user-driven interface where customers can enter their requirements and enable a process that will lead to a correctly configured product. Our experts have also included an appendix to help anticipate issues that are likely to arise during an Configure to Order rollout.

  • Embarking on a Configure to Order Journey

    Nowadays, customers expect corporations to anticipate what products or services they may demand. Their Configure to Order (CtO) or Assemble to Order (ATO) expectations are continually increasing, and pose a challenge to organizations who want to keep up. This white paper provides an overview of the CtO Oracle product offering, and outlines a CtO training approach. Find original ideas on team dynamics to help your team get started, suggestions to customize your training based on legacy CtO information, and tips to consider when developing the future CtO solution.

  • Unleashing Oracle Services: A Comprehensive Review of “Services” in Oracle Databases

    Performance management and high availability have become base requirements for today’s enterprise relational database management systems. In Oracle databases, users create “services” to meet these challenges and those services touch almost every aspect of database configuration. This paper will give you an overview of every aspect of services for both single-instance and Real Application Cluster (RAC) environments.

  • The CIO’s Plan V – Oracle E-Business Suite Virtualization

    It often seems that deploying the physical architecture needed to develop new applications is a road plagued with unappealing alternatives. Fortunately, at IT Convergence we were able to mitigate these issues by using Oracle VM. This paper will teach you the benefits of using Oracle VM to reduce costs and simplify development projects. Get an overview of the components of Oracle VM, and find advice on how to go about the installation successfully.