A Crude Oil Transportation Provider leaves its Pipedream behind and Implements Oracle R12

IT Convergence assesses its client and finds that an Oracle R12 implementation is the best option.


This crude oil transportation provider was looking into doing a possible upgrade to Oracle R12 and had many contenders. After an intense selection process, the client decided upon IT Convergence (ITC) based on the deliverables offered from its Oracle R12 assessment. ITC’s project manager showed the various costs and benefits of each scenario: upgrade, upgrade with COA, and a re-implementation. In the end, a re-implementation was chosen because the project manager offered a clear and concise project assessment. This assessment was based on the client’s current solutions and future benefits with an optimized Oracle R12 architecture. This project required some of the client’s most experienced and skilled Accounting and IT staff to participate full time on this project. All of its tools needed to be changed, tested and moved to production at the same time. Many times a risk to these kinds of projects is loss of focus due to the duration. Fortunately, ITC’s project manager proposed an internal steering committee to keep the project on schedule and to realize weekly progress meetings. Although a re-implementation was by far the most costly and involved option, it provided solutions that the others could not. By reimplementing Oracle R12, the client was be able to configure Oracle R12 to meet its business needs as they arise and effectively support growth. Manual processes were now eliminated and could be directly incorporated into Oracle R12. This important step allowed for the crude oil transportation provider to save valuable resources in addition to simplifying reporting and lowering 3rd party customizations.


By working with IT Convergence the client learned to:

  • Optimize its internal processes
  • Successfully upgrade to Oracle R12


This crude oil transportation provider now benefits from the integrated solution that Oracle R12 has to offer with the help of IT Convergence.

Company Overview

This company handles crude oil from the point it leaves the ground until it arrives at refineries. This involves hundreds of tanker trucks and barges, thousands of miles of pipelines, and 85 million barrels of oil storage capacity, including 11 million barrels at their key location.