Accelerating On-prem Oracle EBS to Azure

Lift and Shift, Security & Post Migration Support


Oracle EBS was running on an aging in-house infrastructure with costly management & outdated security. EBS version was not recommended / or supported by Oracle to be moved to cloud, however the customer wanted all infrastructure on one cloud - Azure.


  • Solving customers one-cloud policy challenge, accelerated the Lift and Shift of EBS with first-time right move to Azure cloud within the committed timelines and minimum application downtime.
  • ITC experts provided the customer with the right-sizing of the instance required to ensure optimum performance.
  • Along with updated security, configured the application on OEL 6, whereas the maximum support offered by Oracle was OEL/RHEL 5.6


  • First time right Lift and shift migration of EBS to Azure, by configuring Oracle EBS on OEL 6 OS.
  • Lowered the maintenance cost and enhanced security and performance by migrating to a scalable modern cloud.
  • Installed many backported RPMs and setup softlinks to redirect new libraries to older libraries, for the application to be setup.
  • Ensured 100% functionalities of EBS were intact and working.
  • Post migration support to ensure cost & application optimization.
Company Overview

A leading manufacturer of innovative packaging products, was seeking to streamline their Onprem Oracle EBS with their core cloud applications, which were running on a high performance Azure cloud . They were able to find an expert partner with knowledge of both Oracle EBS & Azure in ITC, with expertise in Oracle solutions since the last 20 years.