Eyewear Company Migrates to OCI Upgrading Database Inflight

Utilization of Oracle cloud credits to drive modernization


Leverage existing Oracle cloud credits to migrate Oracle EBS to newer infrastructure with the inclusion of DR. Lower the TCO with ongoing offshore 24x7 managed services support and an ability to easily scale in the future.


ITC’s experience in on-premises and traditional hosting platforms provided the baseline for architecture and TCO, solving the challenges of aging hardware and outdated database software with a database upgrade during the migration itself.

Even with the onset of COVID-19, the migration proceeded as per plan, and production cutover was a seamless non-event for the company with the inclusion of an Open VPN deployment for remote user access.


Timeline 4 months
Cloud Tenancies 1
Lift&Shift Migrations (EBS) 3
Disaster Recovery Build Inter-Region
Inflight DB Upgrade (EBS) 3
Optional Infrastructure Sizing based upon Oracle Licensing Complete
Interfaces 3
  • Migration to a high-performance scalable cloud for lower TCO and OPEX based pricing
  • Minimal migration disruption during the onset of COVID-19 due to user work from home adjustment. The disruption did not affect project timelines & ITC work efforts
  • Seamless production cutover; non-event to the user community. Pre-production iteration before production cutover
  • Inflight database upgrade from to 12c
  • Disaster recovery build utilizing Oracle DBCS & ITC DR methodologies along with ITC Nagios Enterprise Monitoring extended onto OCI
Company Overview

Founded in 1990 this New York-based organization has always offered eyewear that delivers on lightness and lasting quality. Their designs reflect the world around us – in architectural precision as well as contracts and the balance of strength, structure, and light.