Global Recreation & Lifestyle Brands Company

Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c on OCI within allocated time & minimal end-user disruption


  • Production upgrades to the Oracle 19c database version were required in < 36  hours.
  • Incorporate the build of a modernized backup and disaster recovery strategy allowing cross-region backups and recovery operations utilizing ITC IP and expertise.
  • Enhance existing data output providing more detail in database-related reports.


  • Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c within project timelines with repeatable and automated steps in the project minimizing execution efforts.
  • Implement custom backup and DR modernization.


  • ITC’s proprietary tools and methodologies were adopted allowing for the most efficient and practical use of cloud-based technology minimizing labor and project costs.
  • Successful completion of the Oracle database to 19c.  The production upgrades were completed in the 36-hour window.
  • Implementation and operational rollout of a modern backup and DR strategy providing detailed audit-based reports to meet governance, security and Quality Assurance mandates.
  • Project completion with built-in efficiencies and the ability to reuse documentation, allowing for future database upgrades to be completed in less time.
Company Overview

Headquartered in Mettawa, IL since its inception in 1845, manufactures consumer products serving the outdoor and indoor active recreation markets in 24 countries.