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ITC Helped a Window Manufacturer To Develop an Application

ITC Helped a Window Manufacturer To Develop an Application

To Enhance Structural And Thermal Performance

Company Overview

This industry leading manufacturer of exterior home building windows, has a portfolio of products that includes 12 different window and patio door lines with varying structural and stylistic features. This company reached out to ITC to develop an application to manage and calculate data related to thermal and structural performance, that could interact with multiple order configurators and provide performance data based on configured orders.

The Challenge

Before the application was developed, test and simulation results were manually entered into the company’s databases, making this an error prone process. Each test report contained hundreds or even thousands of records that needed to be keyed manually by the company’s personnel. As a result of this, the company incurred in a significant labor cost from time spent doing manual data entry. Reliance on manual entry also allowed data-entry errors that could cause inaccuracies in the performance ratings assigned to individual windows & doors, potentially exposing the client to litigation.

The Solution

The ITC team used Microsoft SQL Server databases and Microsoft .Net architecture to build this tool. The development languages were C# and ASP.NET. ITC put increased emphasis on project management and control and included several activities designed to increase the employee's knowledge of the App design.


  • Automated data entry
    • Saved time of core team to focus on strategic initiatives
    • Improved Quality
    • Reduced Cost to the Company
  • Ensure compliance
    • Protecting against litigation
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