Large American Manufacturer of Aluminum Railroad Freight Cars Partners With ITC

To Upgrade, Test And Deploy Oracle Ebs 12.2.8


  • With limited functionality, the Client’s IT team had to rely on more than 677 CEMLI’s to address the functionality gaps
  • The Client has a 24x7 production schedule in some of its locations, requiring minimal downtime to execute R12.2.8 production cutover and CEMLI migration
  • Dependency on Oracle Support. Putting the Client’s operations at risk as well as at risk of SOX violation


In support of this project, ITC provided the following services to the Client:

  • Upgrade, testing and deployment of Oracle EBS 12.2.8
  • Upgrade, testing and deployment of existing 12.0.6 CEMLIs (677) to version 12.2.8 AD Online Patching (ADOP) standards
  • Upgrade underlying Oracle hardware to DellEMC PowerEdge Servers & Fiber Brocades
  • Upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS from 5.11 to 7.6 to ensure hardware support
  • Upgrade Oracle Database software from 11g to 12c to bring up to latest version
  • R12.2.8 functionality and deltas trainings and workshops


Thanks to the Upgrade our Client was able to:

  • Access new functionalities to achieve business goals and receive the highest level of application support
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance and boost application efficiency
  • Increase Business Value through enhancements provided by new version
  • Reduce Downtime through Online Patching
  • Improve User Engagement through Intuitive User Experience
Company Overview

The Client is the largest manufacturer of aluminum and steel bodied railroad freight cars. The Client also refurbishes and sells replacement parts for railcars. Regardless of Oracle Applications being the backbone of their operations, the Client had been neglecting
upgrading to the latest versions for years and had a dependency on Oracle Support to fix the issues of their 12.0.6 instance. With their applications coming to their end of life, the Client was looking for a partner that could help them plan and execute this long-needed upgrade.