Largest private funded Biological and Medical Research Institute leverages

Chatbot and AI with Jira Service Management


With onset and rise of Covid-19 cases, travel for meetings was restricted and their virtual conference solution was not scalable. A rigid service desk did not support work from home users along with a mechanism to capture and address agent busy / Off-line queries.


  • Conference support team of 6 agents available US hours with a Chatbot to pick up queries 24/7, when agents are busy or offline.
  • The systems were integrated with customer ticketing system JIRA to maintain a log and audit trail of all transactions to also be utilized as a knowledge base.
  • AI was developed to answer repeated queries. The solution is extended to other internal departments within HHMI organization.


  • Even during Covid-19 onset lockdowns, mobilized and deployed support desk with Off-shore 6 agent team to support office & work from home users.
  • Setup an Online / Offline query capture and addressal system using ChatBots and Artifical Intelligence to address queries faster.
  • 24/7 ticket capturing system ensuring agent-busy or off-line queries to HHMI, are also addressed.
  • Setup & integrated the customer ticketing system with JIRA to maintain log and develop a knowledge base of all transactions.
  • Easy configuration setting incase the customer wants to make changes themselves.
Company Overview

Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a 60 year old, multi-billion dollar research institute with 30+ Nobel Prize Winners is second-wealthiest philanthropic organization in the US and the second-best endowed medical research foundation in the world.



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