Outdoor Media Company Connects Oracle Analytics Cloud with Oracle EBS

Enables Real-Time Reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite and Other Data Sources


The client had an Oracle Cloud Data Warehouse and they wanted to connect it with their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) for real-time reporting. They were running an older version of OAC and it had to be upgraded for easier integration and faster reporting from EBS. Connecting EBS with other data sources required installing Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Remote Data Gateway (RDG) which was a new and untested method at the time.


ITC was hosting the client’s EBS server and had a longstanding relationship with them. The first step involved working with Oracle to upgrade them to the latest version of OAC from an older version, as this would enable an easier and faster connection. ITC then installed OAC Remote Data Gateway to connect EBS with OAC, OBI and DV projects. They could now combine data from the cloud data warehouse and EBS in real-time, to deliver advanced analytics capabilities including predictive analytics and machine learning.


  • Create a single version of the truth by combining data from Oracle EBS, data warehouse, and other real time data
  • Ability to merge and compare Oracle EBS data with different data sources in real-time
  • Faster self-service reporting capabilities without requiring assistance from IT
  • Advanced capabilities including data visualization, predictive analytics and machine learning
Company Overview

The client is one of the largest outdoor media companies that manages both billboards and transit displays, providing an integrated and target platform to connect brands to their target audiences. They operate mainly in the United States and Canada.