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UPK Product Strategy Consulting

We help our customers build an effective UPK product strategy to achieve a rapid ROI on their UPK investment. This includes establishing governance, roles and responsibilities as well as identifying outlines and optimizing the tool’s usage, outputs and deployment methods.

Our Senior UPK consultants can provide your organization a complete needs analysis which would outline your organization’s entire software footprint with the existing training and testing components along with an implementation plan for a “best in class” training & testing center of excellence based on the considerations, risks, opportunities, gaps, challenges and assumptions identified during the product optimization analysis.

Deliverables include:

  • UPK Strategy
  • Training needs analysis
  • Establishing governance, roles and responsibilities, change control
  • Identification of curriculum outlines and role mapping
  • UPK Optimization (project lifecycle usage, documentation, testing, training, etc.)
  • UPK in the project plan (outputs, usage, audience, deployment)
Deliverables can be 100% customizable depending on every organization’s needs and desirable outcomes.

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