5 Reasons Global ERP Rollouts Fail

February 28, 2019

1. Requirements are Not Aligned with Business Drivers

Too often, IT projects are started without having a clear understanding of the business drivers behind them. Keeping those business drivers in mind during the whole course of the project is key to ensure purpose is served with every action taken. Also, it helps to remember then when it comes to deciding what’s a need to have and a nice to have.

2. You Don’t Have the Right People Involved in the Project

Global projects are complex undertakings, and one of the best ways to ensure that they are successful is to include specialists who are experienced with global-scale projects on your project team. According to TechTarget, the team of experts you choose should be aligned with the project’s objectives, but, more importantly, they must be in sync with the overall character and culture of the organization. Likewise, it is ideal to have people on staff who can help bridge the gaps between the Global ERP’s “Out of the Box” functionalities and local requirements.

3. Regional and Local Challenges are Underestimated

A global rollout will often face distinct barriers depending on the region in question. A global ERP rollout has to take into account privacy issues, local customs, job definitions, language barriers, and a laundry list of cultural differences that can easily derail a project if they are not dealt with proactively.

4. Scope is Not Down-to-Earth

Rollouts often fail because of the inability of the organization to realize that the larger the project scope, the greater its complexity. Follow the KISS principle, which states that the design should be kept simple and unnecessary complexity is to be avoided.

5. Team Handling Multiple Projects

Companies and IT Teams frequently think they can juggle multiple projects at the same time, it is needless to say but for an EBS rollout project, the project team’s focus should be a 100% on the rollout. If you don’t have the internal headcount or the right set of skills, outsource with care!

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