5 Risks of Running On-Premises Oracle EBS HCM vs. Oracle HCM Cloud

December 16, 2021

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a powerful alternative for HR departments using Oracle E-Business Suite HCM by providing the configurability and flexibility required to drive business transformation. Here are some of the key benefits for Oracle EBS customers migrating to Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • Eliminate third-party applications, complex customizations, integrations, disconnected processes, and poor user experiences with a unified, end-to-end HR solution
  • AI-enabled processes and workflows deliver actionable recommendations and insights to empower HR teams and increase operational efficiencies
  • Improve scalability and deliver self-service capabilities by empowering business users to quickly tailor processes, while minimizing reliance on IT
  • Timely, automatic updates eliminate the need for cumbersome upgrade projects and provide access to advanced technologies that support business transformation

5 Risks of Running On-Premise Oracle EBS HCM

1. User Experience

Oracle EBS HCM applications were built in the last generation for IT and back-office HR and finance professionals. They were not designed for end users or mobile devices and therefore the user experience is complicated and unintuitive. This creates inconsistent, disconnected experiences that are not fully aligned with current employee expectations.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a seamless, best-in-class user experience that’s modern, intuitive, and fully personalized for a modern workforce. A mobile-responsive design ensures that the navigation is seamless across all devices making it easy to use for any user, including business users.

2. Complexity

With Oracle EBS HCM, you are responsible for managing the complexity of customizations, integrations, and the maintenance of hardware and middleware. This impacts your ability to make changes and adapt rapidly to meet changing business needs, while also increasing costs.

Oracle Cloud HCM offers greater flexibility to keep up with changing needs, whether due to reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, or regulatory compliance. Cloud-native applications built on simple code empower HR to easily configure the system and make changes, without having to rely on the IT department for every single need.

3. Data Silos

Oracle EBS HCM is disconnected and the data is stored in multiple, disparate sources. This increases the time needed to extract and analyze data, slowing down decision making and not delivering insights to the right people at the right time.

Oracle HCM Cloud stores your employee data in a single cloud-based platform, delivering a single source of truth and enabling accurate, real-time insights. Your employees and management team always has access to the insights they need for faster, better decisions.

4. Integration

Oracle EBS HCM does not offer a truly connected experience across all your enterprise systems like recruiting, talent management, payroll, financials, expenses, supply chain, procurement, and customer experience. This complicates the visibility into your processes, creating a disconnected experience and leading to inconsistent data.

Oracle Cloud Applications deliver a single solution with a unified experience across all your business functions including HR, finance, supply chain, sales and marketing. Connecting all your business processes allows you to gain complete visibility and increase operational efficiencies, while reducing your TCO.

5. Emerging Technologies

Oracle EBS HCM offers limited access to modern technologies like AI, ML, and digital assistants. This creates unnecessary roadblocks in supporting continuous innovation and delivering next-generation capabilities to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers access to emerging technologies like AI and ML which are continuously improved and automatically updated four times per year, eliminating complex and expensive upgrades. From a voice-enabled digital assistant to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Oracle HCM Cloud can help unlock the true potential of data-driven organizations.

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