What Are Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS)?

January 30, 2020

Digital adoption solutions, also called DAS, refer to a new type of technology used to improve the adoption of multiple tools across the organization. In this blog we’ll go over the basic concepts around Digital Adoption solutions, what they are, their benefits and main features, and their most common use cases. We’ll also cover one example of this Digital Adoption Solutions, Whatfix.

Given the number of applications and the complexity of today’s market, employees are faced with multiple challenges to adapt and use all these tools. To address this adoption gap, many organizations have doubled down on traditional training approaches (instructor-led training, classroom or remote, and computer-based – self-paced) but have fallen short of the mark.
This is where a new category of technology has emerged, with a different approach and methodology, to help employees make the most out of their application stack with a digital adoption platform. End-users are guided through a clear path with several business procedures across multiple applications toward task completion, reducing time and costs of training.
Gartner refers to them as Digital Adoption Solutions in its recent report “Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions”, which although still doesn’t replace the need for training and coaching activities, help reinforce and facilitate the efforts.

What Are the Basic Features in Digital Adoption Solutions?

Although the features may vary from tool to tool, in general, Digital Adoption Solutions check the following boxes:

  • Contextual. Employees use multiple and varying applications to complete their functions. Digital Adoption Solutions provide contextual and automated training that is specific to the user’s role, location, task, and behavior within the application. The learning experience is always personalized.
  • Interactive. Learning how to use a new application is particularly difficult when traditional training methods like, reading a manual or sitting through a training presentation are used. Digital Adoption Solutions address this problem by delivering engaging hands-on learning by “in application” practicing.
  • Real-time. Digital Adoption Solutions provide real-time training to guide users at the exact time they are performing tasks or seeking guidance, avoiding the burden on users to remember how to accomplish complex tasks.
  • Progressive: Employees have varying skill sets, learning styles, and needs. Digital Adoption Solutions provide users different guidance on information, instruction, and validation.
  • Autonomous: Repeated processes can become burdensome. Digital Adoption Solutions auto-execute repetitive tasks on the user’s behalf, leading to higher productivity.


How Digital Adoption Solutions Work in Each One of the Software Launch and Ongoing Usage Stages?

Digital Adoption Solutions, like Whatfix, support adoption, and ongoing training from the inception all the way through the change and release management processes. Here is how they support through each stage of the software implementation and usage:

  1. Pre-Go-Live with DAS. A Digital Adoption Solution reduces the time and effort involved in the pre-go-live process by up to 63%. This happens by enabling the learning in the flow of work as users are working within the app.
  2. Go-Live with DAS. By helping skill-up users, DAS solutions guarantee proper implementation. This means the focus can be on launching at the proper time, instead of making sure employees are fully trained.
  3. Post-Go-Live with DAS. Digital Adoption Solutions help in the post-go-live stage by providing: self-serve support, automation, analytics, and change and release management.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Adoption Solutions?

Digital Adoption solutions bring significant benefits to support user adoption. Here is a list of their benefits:

  • Assist employees with complex business processes, tasks that are rarely performed, and change management activities.
  • Enable new employees to onboard more quickly.
  • Shorten the learning curve.
  • Centralize the training content in one location, the app itself.
  • Eliminate some manual data entry.
  • Provide visually clear paths to complete tasks.
  • Help companies with new feature/functionality releases within internal systems.
  • Improve onboarding and productivity.
  • Decrease the time spent on performing tasks in multiple solutions.
  • Reduces the money spent on additional training.
  • Increase software adoption and adequate usage.
  • Increase knowledge retention.
  • Ensure that employees use the software.
  • Minimize support costs.
  • Solve queries in real-time.
  • Provide a consistent user experience.
  • Organizations tend to focus heavily on onboarding activities and ignore the continuing educational needs of tenured sellers.

About Whatfix

Whatfix is a leading digital adoption platform that helps companies provide intuitive onboarding and effective technical training and support. Some of its main features are:

  • Since all training content is hosted in the app itself, training is available anytime, anywhere.
  • Content is easily created without the need of writing code.
  • Whatfix fosters an open ecosystem that enables companies to integrate with (50+) enterprise applications, allowing users to leverage existing systems.


A digital adoption solution can provide an optimal learning experience for the employee making it easy for everyone to use technology, increasing productivity, and generating better business outcomes. If you want to know more about ITC can help you with your Technology Adoption goals or you want a personalized demo of Whatfix, contact us here.


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