How AI is Transforming Talent Acquisition

June 8, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to impact several sectors and industries, and talent acquisition is no different. AI in talent acquisition is advancing rapidly to the point where many companies are entirely managing it using AI solutions. So, here’s how AI transforms talent acquisition end-to-end – from talent sourcing and screening to employee onboarding and engagement.

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement using AI/ML

Talent Sourcing

Businesses use several platforms to source talent, such as job portals or social media platforms like LinkedIn or, or niche websites focusing on specific skill sets. AI-powered recruiting solutions can automatically match candidate profiles with jobs and contact them by leveraging data from multiple sources. AI-based software can identify and contact potential candidates by generating automated email or text-based outreach. Recruiters can fill roles faster and lower costs with AI-based talent discovery, efficient screening, and personalized insights. AI also enables employers to run more targeted ads at potential candidates. Programmatic advertising displays targeted ads to the right candidate at the right time, which is made possible using the prospect’s data, including professional interests sourced from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, browser cookies, and demographics.

Talent Screening

AI helps recruitment teams by automatically screening the applicant pool and scoring candidates on their potential fit. Talent acquisition teams can quickly filter through hundreds of resumes and shortlist potential candidates who are qualified for the role. With hundreds of applicants for each role, recruiters can save countless hours while focusing on hiring and retaining top talent. AI-powered systems evaluate several factors, such as educational qualifications, work experience, and useful skills. The system then compares this data with the employer’s needs to recommend the best-suited candidates for the role. This saves time and costs for the recruitment team and ensures that the best candidates are considered. AI talent acquisition solutions can also improve diversity in the workplace by being configured to ignore factors like race, age, or gender while evaluating potential employees and ensuring a fair candidate screening process free of bias.

Employee Onboarding and Engagement

AI solutions can greatly improve the employee onboarding process. First, AI can create personalized learning models for new hires based on their role, skills, and interests and match them with similar entities at the organization. This helps new employees get up to speed and be more productive faster. It also reduces the effort spent on training, saving businesses time and money. This is especially beneficial for large organizations with many knowledge workers, many of whom use AI to analyze and enhance their skills. AI also helps businesses align the skills and interests of their workforce to their learning paths to increase employee retention and achieve desired business outcomes. AI-powered communication and collaboration tools also have a major impact on employee engagement by changing how people work and interact within the company.

How AI/ML is Transforming the HR Department

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