How to Reduce Oracle Testing Costs with Tricentis?

March 11, 2023
Oracle applications are present in the world’s leading organizations across their spectrum of HR, Operations, Finance, Marketing. These applications have become the life blood and smooth running of an organization. Any disruption in the application leads to huge loss of productivity and sometimes cost tuning to millions of dollars. Organizations world over customize these applications to suit their business, legal, users. Best practices also dictates them to keep them updated and secure from breach from threats. Any change would also need to test these applications regularly.
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Testing is often the last element of the software delivery pipeline to modernize, but organizations who de-prioritize it are missing a significant opportunity to both save the business significant amounts of money and add significant value, by improving both quality and the ability to adapt to customer needs.

In today’s environment, many companies are under pressure to automate more and spend less. If your goal is to reduce testing costs, investing in new technology may be counterintuitive. But if you are one of the majority of enterprises still doing 80% of your testing manually, this kind of investment can yield a rapid return.

However, testing Oracle applications can be costly, time-consuming, and error-prone. Tricentis provides a comprehensive testing solution that can reduce Oracle testing costs while improving the overall quality and reliability of the application.

How Tricentis Tosca Cost Can Help You Reduce Overall Testing Cost

Automate at Scale

Many organizations struggle to scale test automation because they lack the required coding skills. With these skills in high demand and short supply, resources are often dedicated to the most visible or mission-critical areas – meaning not all parts of the business are covered and overall test automation rates remain low.

IT Convergence along with Tricentis has developed a model-based approach to test automation which does not require coding skills, enabling enterprises to rapidly scale test automation with the resources they already have. This approach breaks automation down into reusable building blocks, or models, which can be accessed and reused across projects and teams. If most or all of your testing is still performed manually, a scriptless tool offers a way to rapidly scale test automation with your existing resources.

Oracle Test Automation

One of the primary ways to reduce Oracle testing costs is through test automation. Tricentis provides a robust automation framework that can automate end-to-end testing of Oracle applications. The automation framework can be customized to fit the specific needs of the Oracle application. Organizations can significantly reduce testing costs while improving the quality and accuracy of the tests, by automating repetitive and time-consuming tests,

Understand the Impact of Enterprise Application Upgrades

Before you start running an entire regression test suite for each update to critical enterprise applications, you should work to understand the impact that these updates will have on critical business processes and focus testing on those areas. Legacy impact analysis tools will reveal what areas of the system have changed as a result of the update, but a tool that also identifies the areas that should be tested as a result can achieve much greater efficiencies.

Leverage the power of Tricentis AI-powered impact analysis which focuses the test scope down to the impacted objects within each release. Any testing gaps discovered are automatically added as requirements in Tricentis Tosca so that automated test cases can be created to fill the gaps. By pinpointing the most at-risk areas that need to be tested, which reduces testing timelines by 85%, on average, while ensuring 100% risk coverage.

End to End Test Data Management

Effective test data management can help reduce cost. Tricentis provides a comprehensive test data management solution that can reduce the time and effort required to create and manage test data. The test data management solution can generate realistic and diverse test data sets that accurately reflect the production environment. This approach can improve the quality of testing while reducing costs associated with manual test data creation and management.

Performance Testing

Oracle applications can be resource-intensive, making it essential to perform performance testing to ensure that the application can handle the expected user load. Tricentis provides a performance testing solution that can simulate large user loads and identify performance bottlenecks. By identifying and fixing performance issues early in the development cycle, organizations can avoid costly performance issues in production.

Continuous Testing / Regression Testing

Continuous testing is another way to reduce Oracle testing costs while improving application quality. Continuous testing involves integrating testing throughout the software development cycle, from requirements to production. Regression Testing with Tricentis provides a continuous testing solution that can automate testing at every stage of the development cycle, reducing testing time and effort. Continuous testing can improve the quality and reliability of the application while reducing the risk of costly errors in production.

Risk-Based Testing

Finally, organizations can reduce Oracle testing costs by adopting a risk-based testing approach. Risk-based testing involves identifying and prioritizing high-risk areas of the application and testing those areas first. Tricentis provides a risk-based testing solution that can identify high-risk areas and prioritize testing efforts accordingly. This approach can significantly reduce testing costs while ensuring that critical areas of the application are thoroughly tested.

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