Integrating Oracle EBS with Oracle Cloud Applications

November 7, 2022

Moving Oracle E-Business Suite to the cloud presents many opportunities to modernize and integrate with Oracle Cloud Applications. These projects can improve the adoption of Oracle Cloud Applications, adding more functionality and optimizing your business processes.

Oracle Integration service provides a robust set of adapters, improving the integration and connectivity between Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud Applications, and other cloud technologies. You can use Oracle Integration to quickly connect an EBS instance on OCI with Oracle ERP Cloud.


Oracle Integration Cloud comes with a robust architecture for the deployment of Oracle EBS and its integrations in a single availability domain within an OCI region. Oracle Integration Cloud can connect with Oracle EBS using Oracle Integration Connectivity Agent and an Oracle EBS Adapter. The architecture provides comprehensive security based on Oracle’s best practice methodologies, and the databases are deployed in a security zone.

Step-by-Step Integration Process

Step 1: Define Your Integration Scope and Requirements

  • Identify key business requirements and build an integration strategy
  • Identify application-level and module-level business flows and integration touch points – applicable for both Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud Applications

Step 2: Plan Your Approach to Integration

  • Identify the best integration approach to build a comprehensive, standards-based, service-oriented integration solution using Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Select the right integration tools for your business
  • Identify and collect details about the Oracle EBS integration touch points required for the integration
  • Identify and outline the data mapping and transformation needs of the integration

Step 3: Design the Integration

  • Setup and organize an integrated development and testing environment
  • Build your services portfolio and deploy Oracle EBS using Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle EBS Adapter

Benefits of Integrating Oracle EBS with Oracle Cloud Applications

Prebuilt Integration Flows

Modernize your end-to-end business processes in Oracle EBS with prebuilt flows and visual dashboards, such as request-to-receipt, recruit-to-pay, and lead-to-invoice. Using embedded best-practice integrations, easy-to-use templates, and business accelerators, you can streamline your connectivity with Oracle Cloud Applications, including ERP, HCM, SCM, CX clouds, and NetSuite. You can also deliver innovations faster with machine-learning recommendations based on your usage and crowd-sourced data mapping.

Pre-integrated with Applications

Leverage the only Oracle application adapters built with Oracle application developers and supported globally. Use the same application, technology, RPA, and enterprise messaging adapters to connect Oracle Cloud Applications seamlessly. You can also explore the extensive library of third-party application adapters to communicate with third-party applications like Salesforce, SAP, and many more.

Business Insights Across Applications

Deliver actionable insights into end-to-end business metrics across processes and apps to minimize delays, avoid costly errors, and reduce audit overhead. Oracle Integration helps you quickly collaborate with business analysts and enterprise cloud architects to visually define milestones and alerts with a drag-and-drop experience. You can easily embed real-time dashboards in your applications using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.


Oracle EBS integration with Oracle Cloud Applications increases the speed, agility, and capabilities of your Oracle EBS investment. Oracle Integration Cloud simplifies and automates the process of connecting Oracle EBS to other cloud applications, including ERP, HCM, CRM, and analytics systems, so that companies can automate business processes, eliminate manual effort, and improve data quality. When different on-premise and cloud systems are connected, companies become more agile, make faster decisions, and gain deeper insights into their operations.

How to Build a Successful Integration Strategy

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