Is Your EBS Still Running Below Version 12.2? Moving to OCI is Your Safe Bet

January 26, 2021

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) will have its Premier Support terminated for users on instances below version R12.2. Premier Support covers and provides a comprehensive range of fixes, updates, and security patches that are essential to the correct functioning of your Oracle EBS.

In fact, we’ve seen first-hand how failing to take action about upgrading your Oracle EBS instance can translate into significant losses to your business.

Across industries, more and more organizations are moving their on-premises applications to the cloud. Why? In the trifecta of costs, risks, and scalability, the cloud provides a sensible structure that delivers growth, innovation, agility, and efficiency.

In fact, over 86% of digital finance leaders say their organization has a digital-first and cloud-first mindset. Migration to cloud-based core suites makes more sense as solutions offer equal or greater capabilities than on-premise—which is why the cloud has experienced a dramatic increase in user adoption.

According to Gartner, “organizations pursuing a cloud-first strategy often find this approach evolving into a cloud-only approach despite some use cases being a poor fit for cloud.” In a nutshell, to succeed in your cloud journey, you should consider moving from cloud-first to cloud-smart.

Top Benefits of OCI on EBS

OCI is Your Safe Bet

Why are some organizations still hesitant about moving their applications to the cloud? The uncertainty, complexity, on-prem customizations, and increased rate of change associated with a move to the cloud can be daunting. In addition, Oracle EBS is mission-critical to users and it can be worrisome to move areas like payroll, HR, supply chain, and many more.

Of course, it’s even more worrisome to expose said mission-critical areas of your EBS to the risks and costs associated of not upgrading to R12.2 and migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Understandably so, it’s hard to let go of your on-premises customizations. It feels as if you’ll lose large amounts of effort and investment for custom code. As stated above, this is actually one of the largest impediments for a migration project and what holds clients back from upgrading and migrating their Oracle EBS instance.

In reality, small tweaks in the cloud to current business processes can typically eliminate the need for custom code which can directly translate into a decrease of running costs and the ability to get the latest capabilities of your application seamlessly.

Oracle created OCI as an all-in-one solution specifically designed to support Oracle workloads which means that your Oracle EBS will be optimized in this setting and thrive with periodic updates, fixes, and security patches.

Some of the key infrastructure and tooling that OCI offers is:

  • A high-performance database with Oracle RAC and Exadata.
    • It allows you to rapidly provision resources with a few clicks.
    • It provides cloud automation software.
    • It enables elastic independent scaling of database and storage servers.
    • It provides online scaling of database cores to match workload demand.
  • Automation via the Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager.
    • One-click provisioning.
    • Advanced provisioning with user-selected deployment options.
    • Clone environments in minutes.
    • Backup and restore.
    • Planned elasticity.
  • Improved observability with Oracle Cloud Observability and Management.
    • Visibility across cloud and on-prem.
    • ML-based rapid troubleshooting.
    • Predictive and preventative analytics.
    • Real-user experience monitoring.
    • Synthetic transactions for proactive testing.

Why OCI? To the point, it offers automated migration, automated downloads, patch, and upgrades, automated cloning and self-service provisioning, high-performance, high-resilient database, full-stack management across cloud and on-prem, reliable performance, and much more.

What’s more, the key benefits of using Oracle EBS on OCI translate into business growth, greater agility, and lower costs and risks. In an ever-changing IT landscape, you need to be agile to respond to changes like acquisitions, globalization, regulatory changes, and much more, all while being able to adopt new technologies or app functionality. OCI is elastic and allows you scale your infrastructure on demand.

Needless to say, a cloud migration project to OCI, like with any other cloud migration for that matter, is a project that requires strategic planning, a migration action plan, and management.

IT Convergence has developed a proven strategy called the “Cloud Smart” upgrade which is a holistic approach that considers the database, operating system, instance architecture, storage, backup, disaster recovery, and security of Oracle EBS to ensure a successful upgrade and migration.

Take Action Now

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, the IT industry will experience an acceleration in IT spending shifting to cloud; this, coupled with the fact that it’s becoming increasingly necessary to support new and existing digital initiatives.

Don’t wait any longer to start your OCI migration journey. The cloud is within your reach and IT Convergence is ready to help you with a variety of upgrade services to help you modernize your EBS.

Please download our Top Benefits of OCI for EBS flyer where we list out the main benefits of moving your Oracle EBS instance to the cloud.

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