Latest Tricentis Tosca 16.0 New Features and more Reasons to Upgrade

December 16, 2022

7 additional enhancements to start leveraging the power of the latest Tricentis Tosca 16.0 features platform to enable you to accelerate digital transformation by dramatically increasing software-release speeds, reducing costs, and improving software quality.

Latest Tosca version 16.0 is here! With this new release, it delivers many capabilities that strengthen automated testing for packaged applications from Oracle, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Now get smoother connectivity and a better mobile testing experience with the new mobile agent called TMA.

Tricentis Tosca 16.0 New Features

1. Enhanced Test Automation for Oracle Applications

Reliable business processes are crucial for Oracle applications like eBS, which operate in highly customized and integrated environments that are constantly changing. For system to run smoothly End-to-end testing is essential. Dynamic controls within ERP systems, such as those found in Oracle apps, require robust automation to handle effectively. With the 16.0 release of Tosca, additional capabilities have been added to improve Oracle automation. Tosca’s ID Mapper and support for ARIA can help strengthen the identification of complex controls within Oracle applications.

2. Newly Launched Tricentis Mobile Agent: Seamless Connectivity for Android & iOS

With the new Tricentis Mobile Agent (TMA) you can:

  • Easily manage connection to any mobile device, whether local, remote, or cloud-based since it is centrally managed.
  • Experience smoother mobile test authoring and execution across all Tricentis products.
  • TMA simplifies setup and connectivity for iOS and Android devices, enabling a more straightforward mobile testing experience.
  • You can now easily configure connected devices, enable iOS automation by setting up iOS artifacts, and review agent settings to jumpstart your mobile testing journey. This new service offering facilitates faster and easier onboarding, and helps users keep up with the latest iOS and Android versions without upgrading Tosca.

3. Tosca’s ID Mapper

The latest Tricentis Tosca’s ID Mapper simplifies test customization and enhances stability. By selecting the application under test and adjusting control properties, you can uniquely identify controls and save default IDs in a library. This creates a repository of prebuilt IDs that can be used on the go to build reliable automation.

4 Self-Help Cloud Licensing Reporting

Tosca admins can now view their Tosca license cloud consumption over time and access reports without assistance from Tricentis support. When managing a large amount of Tosca licenses, admins can easily monitor spikes in active Tosca users, while being alerted to users with no available Tosca Commander licenses.

5. ARIA Framework Technologies Support

Tosca has expanded its automation capabilities to support applications developed using the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) framework. ARIA is a technical specification that can be added to HTML elements to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. With the European Accessibility Act set to take effect in 2025, which mandates the use of ARIA, the adoption of this framework is expected to increase significantly. As a result, Tosca’s ability to automate ARIA-based applications is becoming increasingly important.

Technologies that currently support ARIA

Browsers, JavaScript toolkits, and assistive technologies like screen readers, magnifiers, and text-to-speech functionality. Enterprise applications including Oracle, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more are also built by adding ARIA semantics onto their controls to make them more accessible for people with decreased vision.

6. More Inclusive User Experience Using Dark Theme

Tosca’s latest update includes dark and high-contrast themes to enhance accessibility and readability for a wide range of users. With four options to choose from – light, dark, high-contrast light, and high-contrast dark – users can easily switch between themes by accessing the toggle option located in the top right corner of the Tosca screen.

7. Vertical Capabilities- Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Utilities

Tosca Tricentis 16.0 now offers users a fully automated and more complete solution for testing validated applications for highly regulated industries in the life science or utilities sectors. Since Tosca tests often need to be reviewed and approved before execution to ensure they meet certain requirements, users can now easily manage pre-execution review and approval of test cases directly in the Tosca user interface or in the REST API​. Without these controls in place, using Tosca in Computer System Validation (CSV) testing becomes a cumbersome manual process.

Other Enhancements:

  • Tosca 16.0 comes with a range of new features and enhancements to improve your testing experience. Some of the highlights include:
    1. Improved File Service: Tosca Commander now allows you to continue working even if the file system runs out of disk space or is temporarily unavailable.
    2. Latest SAP support: Tosca 16.0 is fully compatible with SAP UI5 (Fiori) version 1.103-1.109 and SAP Success Factors Release 2022H2. It also offers better integration with SAP Solution Manager, enabling execution feasibility checks for DEX with AOS.
    3. Tosca-qTest integration: The integration with qTest is now faster, allowing you to link Tosca test cases and execution lists more efficiently.
    4. DEX enhancements: Tosca 16.0 introduces improved security measures, including the ability to store DEX credentials in a HashiCorp KeyVault. It also automates the spin-up of DEX Agents for unattended execution, making the process more efficient.
    5. PDF automation improvements: The PDF 1:1 compare module now allows users to exclude repetitive content from comparison and view detailed reports of the comparison results. The Optical Recognition technology also improves the automation of multiline cells in tables, including icons and controls.
    6. Mainframe rescan: The Host Engine 3.0 modules now come with a rescan feature that simplifies the process of updating mainframe test cases.
    7. Java 17 support: Tosca 16.0 supports automation of Java 17 applications, providing state-of-the-art technology support.

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