7 Things You Need to Know about HPE ALM

June 8, 2016

Last week we had our webcast: “Effectively Manage your Testing with HPE ALM“, which focused on how organizations can obtain a 50% reduction in requirements management and 60% reduction in time spent on reporting by leveraging HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Today we bring you a few questions our experts took live from the audience, and the possibility to download the recording of the webinar here.

What is the typical licensing cost of HPE ALM?
These are global based licenses that reside within your environment as concurrent licenses, and the list cost for global ALM is $13,500. The enterprise version for test case management is $10,000 per license.

How does ALM.net differ from ALM Octane?
At a high level ALM.net is the existing environment based on the .net platform using Windows, Internet Explorer and so forth. ALM Octane is a different workflows and user interface, allowing people to work on Chrome and connecting Dev App tools and etc.

Why should organizations be using test management tools to improve test management and delivery?
A lot of the thigs come down to just good, strong project management principles. Being able to work with the project management team, business owners and technical resources to establish strong requirements; getting those requirements into a centralized tool so that the team can share them; mapping the requirements to good test cases that are effective and have a true pass/fail balance and expected results; and finally, being able to carry forward the execution, analysis and reporting aspects of the project lifecycle. Having a centralized tool standardizes and improves the consistency of what you’re able to execute in the project, and more importantly, release over release increases your consistency and repeatability.

Do we need to have an HPE ALM license for every user?
Since these are perpetual concurrent licenses, most accounts use a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio depending on where their end users are going to be located. You could have users in the US using licenses during the day and once they go home for the evening, the licenses go back to the license server and become available for your overseas users. So it comes down to location, time, and how many users will need concurrent access.

Is ALM Octane an upgrade that will be available for both QC and ALM customers and do you need to be on ALM to get the new features?
Existing ALM and QC Enterprise customers will get access to ALM Octane. However, since the GA is currently on HPE SaaS (later in July for on-premise customers), those who do have on-premise licenses will have to wait until July – however in the meantime, they can definitely access the free online trial. As more functionality is added to ALM Octane, the features that represent ALM-level licensing will be only available to ALM customers.

Our testing team has been downsized and we now have our business partners help with a lot of the testing. Can all of us access and use HPE ALM for managing and performing our testing?
We have seen it work where business partners require their own set of licenses and we have also seen it where the client can own and manage the licenses with an agreement in place that allows a 3rd party to have access to the licenses. It is typically determined on a case by case basis as these situations tend to be unique for every client. ITC can work with HP to ensure there are no compliance or geographic restrictions in place that would affect your ability to use the licenses correctly.

Will trials be available to try out QC/ALM with the NextGen features included?
Yes, here is the link for the trial.

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