Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security – Secure By Design

Oracle continues to make progress with shifting its business model and customer base toward the cloud, albeit with variation in pace across product lines. To accelerate the movement, Oracle is has been adding more “cloud-friendly” attributes to its strategy and execution.

The 4 pillars of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the foundation on which it is built:

  1. Outstanding Price Performance
  2. Secure By Design – Security First OCI starts with a zero-trust architecture
  3. The Open Cloud for Enterprise Interoperability Deep Enterprise
  4. Deep Technology Experience

With this Ebook IT decision Makers and Technology, evaluators will get key Gartner reflections on Oracle’s impressive improvement in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities. Consequently, they will have enough reasons to consider Oracle in their next public cloud decision.

Oracle has put the security of critical workloads at the forefront of its cloud design. For customers running security-sensitive workloads, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a security-first public cloud with robust security architecture and a deep set of rich defense-in-depth capabilities to reduce risk and attack surfaces.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has built security in the architecture, data center design, personnel selection, and in the processes for provisioning, using, certifying, and maintaining OCI infrastructure. Security First OCI starts with a zero-trust architecture.

In this eBook Gartner has recognized:

  • OCI Dedicated Region C@C offers a full OCI in-region implementation, with all OCI public cloud services available and delivered identically to a customer’s data center (on-premises or colocation). This includes an isolated control plane and isolated self-service interfaces while your data is guaranteed to stay within your region, and continues to function even when the network connection is lost.
  • OCI meets typical enterprise expectations for cloud security, including a notable integration with the Oracle CASB Cloud service (Cloud Access Security Broker)

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Security

    – The Place for Your Critical Workloads

    Security designed for, sensitive, business-critical workloads at the forefront of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

    Security By Design

    Second-generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering which was conceived and architected with security as a primary design principle


    Earned Trust

    Cloud Infrastructure Security with a focus on data protection and securing the paths to access sensitive data

    Defense in Depth

    Why an Oracle Cloud Managed Services Expertise (MSE) Provider for Cloud success?

    It is important to understand that moving traditional on-premises Oracle environments (ERP, HCM, PPM, etc.) to a public cloud does not eliminate the need for application and infrastructure management. The complexity of Oracle workloads, and more specifically the contracting, architectural design, and implementation of these workloads, requires expertise that most companies may not have internally. All layers on top of the virtualization layer — the operating system, the database, the middleware and the application — will still require management. Some Oracle customers are tech-savvy enough to manage their own cloud services, the main factor being OCI’s commitment to driving manageable cloud services such as Autonomous Linux and Autonomous Database.

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    Oracle MSE recognition identifies and recognizes partners who have skills, tools, and processes to build, deploy, run, and manage Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Cloud Platform. This eBook will highlight how to leverage Oracle Cloud Managed Services Partners expertise with 16 key services in your cloud contract

    The Benefit of MSE for Our customers

    The Oracle Cloud Managed Services Expertise (MSE) Partner program affords clients a single contract and a single point of contact, accountable to manage their consulting, development, application, operations, and modernization requirements for Oracle IaaS and PaaS platforms. This enables them to achieve operational cost optimization, in conjunction with extrapolated value and several benefits.

    With this eBook, IT decision Makers and Technology evaluators will learn why to consider Oracle and how to initiate a successful cloud journey with a certified Oracle Cloud Managed Services expert partner you’re your successful digital transformation.