Benefits of Upgrading Hyperion EPM

March 15, 2016

In the corporate financial reporting world, Hyperion EPM is one of the mission-critical systems of many organizations, since management always relies on its input to improve business performance and meet their long term strategic goals.

The business model of modern organizations is rapidly shifting due to stiff competition, currency fluctuation, customer satisfaction, operational costs and the occasional change in government regulations. In order to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, decision makers need a dynamic and seamless integration of ERP across the organization. As times change, your Hyperion EPM should be capable of handling new business requirements and should provide the necessary flexibility to accompany the new stage.

There are many focus areas where an upgrade to Hyperion will prove to be a game changer, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll highlight a few.

Hyperion Benefits

For Decision Makers

  1. Timely and error free data analytics to evaluate the business performance of the organization and make rapid changes to the business model
  2. Unlock the potential to generate more profit from the profit centres of an organization
  3. Deep drive into the operational costs like administration, workforce, other expenses etc. for reducing the total expenses to a larger extent
  4. Accurate and sophisticated financial reporting to meet the requirements of local government and key stake holders
  5. Project long term strategic goals to make key stake holders and equity holders of an organization more confident of business growth potential

For Business Users

  1. Enhanced functionality in Hyperion Calculation Manager to handle different types of business logics
  2. Configuration of condition based workflow model of master data management process
  3. An option to setup Management Ledger application in Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management for modelling data and perform management reporting
  4. Oracle Data Relationship Governance access and a personal mobile manager to perform their day to day business activities
  5. Supplemental Data Management module under Hyperion Financial Close Management to feed and manage supplemental data for financial analytics
  6. Customizable options for account reconciliation process to handle different organizational units
  7. Flexibility to work on the journals in Hyperion SmartView
  8. Direct access to the financial management dashboards on top of Hyperion Financial Management applications
  9. Integration of Management Ledger Profitability applications with Hyperion Financial Close Management to monitor the profitability tasks as part of Financial Close process
  10. Flexibility to use vendor dimension in Project Financial Planning for reporting on different vendors

For IT Department

  1. Flexibility to choose parallel processing for member range commands in Hyperion Calculation Manager for performance improvement
  2. Ability to compact the aggregate storage outline to improve performance and reduce file to a considerable extent in Hyperion Calculation Manager
  3. Flexible application server architecture to host DRM in a single server with multiple processors on 64-bit platform
  4. In Hyperion EPM architect, the number of dimensions and alias tables are increased to 32 for usage in Hyperion planning
  5. Customize the size of thread pool for executing parallel operations in Hyperion Essbase
  6. XML outline method in Hyperion Essbase to perform basic changes in the database outline
  7. New configuration setting parameters i.e. CONNECTIONTIMEOUT and QUERYTIMEOUT for SQL specific tasks
  8. Hyperion Financial Management can be deployed both in Windows and Linux based Exalytics box
  9. Metadata merge utility to merge existing metadata file while upgrading to a latest release
  10. Dashboard view of Hyperion Planning application to manage applications, view application components, perform administrative tasks etc.
  11. Job scheduler to create and manage jobs in Hyperion Planning

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