[Webinar Q&A] Ensuring Business Continuity Through Digital Adoption

July 6, 2020

Last week we held our joint webinar with Whatfix on how digital adoption and technology enablement is key to ensure business continuity and productivity in remote teams. Here’s the Q&A transcript from the session. If you want to download the presentation or the recording of the webinar, you can do it here.

Q: How do you Assess the Training Needs?  

A: The Training Needs Analysis usually has 4 phases:

  1. Analysis Discovery
    • Areas to be covered by the training
      • Define the topics/procedures to be part of the training (longest part)
      • Identify existing support material: previous training materials, test scripts, test cases, design documents, user stories, SPD, etc.
      • Identify/Define SMEs
  2. Define Content Creation Strategy & Methodology
    • Curriculum Management & Tracking
    • Workflow/Review Cycle Management
    • Styles & Standards Design
  3. Define Delivery Format
  4. Content Development Strategy & Priority Definition
    • Define the order of content creation based on areas, job roles, responsibilities, and available functionalities from the system
    • Define stakeholders to be part of the first and priority training group

Q: How Can we use the Tool/Platform for Onboarding New Employees? 

A: The tool can be used to onboard either new users to the system, new hires, or both at the same time. That can be done by creating new hires manuals, company presentations, embedding videos and current existing content and documents, as well as creating system walk-through flows, self-help guides, specific training organized by area, job role, responsibilities. All the content can be hosted in the Whatfix system (LMS) that users can log in and use it as necessary. All the usage is tracked, the data is stored and can be accessed by designated managers in order to monitor and update themselves on users’ progress.

Q: What Kind of Infrastructure is Required for the Tool?

Whatfix provides 2 deployment models: “Cloud” and “Self Hosted”. In either case, there’s no infrastructure required.

Q: How Does the Tool Ensure Security Considering Remote Users?

Whatfix is an overlay that does not track user activity or capture any PII on the base application. Whatfix is also an ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant. More than 500+ enterprise customers currently are using this tool.

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