Why Migrate from Hyperion Planning to Oracle PBCS

September 20, 2021

Hyperion on-premises isn’t going anywhere and clients can take an easy breath after learning that Oracle has pledged its continued support and investment in such an important platform that has revolutionized industries for quite some time now.

Thanks to Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model, Hyperion on-premises will continue to receive new improvements, updates, fixes, and security patches under the umbrella of Premier Support through at least 2032. This milestone signals the commitment and trust that Oracle places on this flagship product that, to this day, continues to be a golden standard for financial solutions.

To benefit from this, your Hyperion system needs to be upgraded to release 11.2 before December 2021, which is the deadline that Oracle has set for clients to take this important modernization step.

Hyperion applications are used for many mission-critical financial tasks of small, medium, and large organizations. From closing books confidently, planning and forecasting with agility, or providing timely reporting to stakeholders, there’s a solution inside Hyperion that meets those needs.

As financial needs evolve, so do financial platforms like Hyperion, which is why it’s essential that you take prompt action to modernize your solution to the latest standards to ensure you’re working with a supported, optimized, and secured solution that delivers superior operational efficiencies.

In this modernization journey, you are probably also considering the migration of your existing on-premises Hyperion Planning application to the cloud? If yes, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is a no-brainer solution that makes it easy to migrate as it has the same code base as on-premises Oracle Hyperion Planning release

To the point, what are the main drivers behind the decision to migrate from one solution to the other? Namely, Oracle PBCS, being a cloud solution, offers increased flexibility and agility.

In terms of functionality, Oracle PBCS offers a more comprehensive solution than the on-premises application by employing industry best practices that meet modern business demands. This level of innovation is what could set your business apart from and propel its digital transformation efforts. You can benefit from continuous innovation with monthly updates and new features.

Another thing worth mentioning is costs. The total cost of ownership for a cloud solution like Oracle PBCS is dramatically reduced. Migrating your Hyperion Planning environment to Oracle PBCS means no initial upfront investment in hardware and software, reduced IT involvement, and you can forget about annual maintenance costs.

So, if you’re still on the fence about migrating from Hyperion Planning to Oracle PBCS, take this as your sign to hesitate no more. We encourage you to download our latest ebook where we give you a rundown of financial planning and analysis in Oracle PBCS, which can also help tip over the case to take the leap and migrate to Oracle PBCS.

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