Payment Processing Provider Implements Oracle ERP Cloud

Automates Invoice Processing and Drives Growth Without Additional Costs


The biggest challenge this company faced was its current system’s lack of elasticity; the primary objective was a system offering flexibility without incurring more overhead costs. Serving a global client base, they also integrated with multiple credit card processing platforms, requiring a substantial integration solution.


ITC implemented the entire Oracle ERP Cloud suite of applications by incorporating best practices specifically tailored to the needs of the finance industry. Additionally, ITC automated client’s invoice processing and report generation systems, eliminating the prior manual involvement in both areas. Integrations between Oracle ERP Cloud and major credit card platforms (VISA, Bank of America, MasterCard and others) were built to avoid costly downtime. As a result of the implementation, the client was provided with rapid ROI without a costly “rip and replace” approach that would require significant downtime and disrupt daily business operations. In addition, they could get rid of the manual reconciliation work that it has been doing for many years, saving valuable time and staff resources.

“The IT Convergence team was a great partner for us in the development and deployment of Oracle’s robust technology stack. We now have an Enterprise ERP cloud service that supports increased productivity and accelerated business performance.”


  • Optimized sales and revenue reporting
  • Faster and more accurate audits due to automated invoice processing
  • Efficient Oracle ERP Cloud implementation without disrupting daily operations, or requiring efforts from internal IT
  • The team could focus on deriving analytical value from their financial data after automating a costly manual system
Company Overview

The client is a new generation provider of merchant services including credit card transaction processing for traditional retail clients, specializing in online/e-commerce retailers.



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