Applying R12.2 Development Standards to Custom Programs

June 2, 2016

Release 12.2 of Oracle Applications introduces a new set of R12.2 development standards required to support the Online Patching feature.

These standards cover various areas of customization development and go from very simple modifications to a few activities that require careful redesign of current programs. There are two important items to consider when discussing development standards:

1)  What’s behind the existence of the R12.2 development standards
Oracle guarantees that if you apply all the standards then:
– The R12.2 development standards application will not be broken by your customizations
– Your customizations will not be broken by the standards application code
– Data will not be corrupted

2) Standards are defined to “guarantee” the accomplishment of goals
The fact that these R12.2 development standards are defined to “guarantee” the accomplishment of the goals means they cover all possible situations where goals could not be met if the standards are not applied.

However, this does not mean that all possible situations will exist in your environment. More often than not, you will find some of the R12.2 development standards are excessive or too detailed.

Before deciding if your custom code will comply with the R12.2 development standards, consider whether there’s a possibility that the risky event exists in your environment – then you can make the decision.

Modifying custom code to follow the R12.2 development standards takes time, but it guarantees the accomplishment of your goals – so every organization should weigh carefully the risk in not applying them.

Our team has developed a Development Standards Analyzer (DSA) tool that identifies, analyzes and reports violations to the standards in your customizations. The DSA tool provides details of the nature of the standard, reasons why it is required, instructions on fixing the issues and impact analysis. Contact us today to learn more.

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