New and Enhanced Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC)

September 9, 2019

On September 3rd 2019, Oracle announced the availability of version 3 of Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC). This new release includes 19 enterprise command centers and 62 role-based dashboards that fully integrate with Oracle EBS ERP and SCM applications.

What is Oracle ECC? 

As a quick recap Oracle ECC, is a tool that helps Oracle EBS users to identify and act on priority transactions without custom operational reporting. This is done by providing users with dashboards that computes diverse operational data from across Oracle EBS.

Oracle ECCs are available to enterprises on Oracle EBS 12.2.4 or higher, and can be applied with minimal setup or effort. For more information on how to deploy Oracle ECC in your enterprise, please refer to this document.

The latest version of Oracle ECC Framework Release 12.2 is currently V3.

Latest Updates on Oracle ECCs

Below there’s a list of all the new Oracle ECCs and enhancements in existing command centers by module:

Oracle ECCs in Financials

  • Oracle Receivables Command Center – minimize customer account delinquency, reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and tailor collection strategy per customer.
  • Oracle iReceivables Command Center – optimize cash outflow for customer users and minimize revenue leakage for internal users.
  • Oracle Channel Revenue Command Center – eliminate revenue leakage, improve collections, and increase profit margins.
  • Oracle Payables Command Center – optimize Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and cash outflow. Improve supplier relationships.
  • Oracle Assets Command Center – speed up period close, forecast and manage capitalization events, and increase asset utilization.
  • Oracle Incentive Compensation Command Center – drive desired selling behavior, minimize overpayment, and improve sales team morale.
  • Oracle Lease and Finance Command Center – increase revenue from asset usage, improve billing accuracy, and improve dealer / partner cash flow.

Oracle Receivables Command Center

Source: Oracle 2019

Oracle ECCs in Order Management and Logistics

  • Oracle Order Management Command Center – increase customer satisfaction and revenue by accelerating the order flow and quickly acting on order exceptions.
  • Oracle Inventory Management Command Center – optimize order release, expedite high priority orders, and streamline transportation activities.
Oracle Order Management Command CenterSource: Oracle 2019

Oracle ECCs in Procurement and Projects 

  • Oracle iProcurement: Consumer-like Shopping – enable efficient, consumer-like shopping while minimizing non-catalog spend. Deliver customer feedback to drive better contract utilization and renegotiation.
  • Oracle Projects Command Center – efficiently manage and control budgets, costing, accounting, and capitalization processes.
  • Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector Command Center – provide consistent information across teams, improve procurement cycle time, and maintain better contract compliance.

Oracle iProcurement

Source: Oracle 2019

Oracle ECCs in Manufacturing 

  • Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Command Center – increase the efficiency of manufacturing operations while meeting customer commitments and reducing risk.
  • Oracle Process Manufacturing Command Center – efficiently manage process manufacturing operations and enable preventive and corrective actions.
  • Oracle Outsourced Manufacturing Command Center – gain visibility across manufacturing partners and better manage material replenishments to avoid delays.
  • Oracle Cost Management Command Center – identify transaction costing bottlenecks, resolve costing and accounting errors, and mitigate period close risks.

Oracle Process Manufacturing Command Center

Source: Oracle 2019

Oracle ECCs in Asset Lifecycle and Service 

  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Command Center – maximize asset availability, prioritize work order exceptions, and react quickly to material shortages.
  • Oracle Service Contracts Command Center – coordinate contract renewal cycle to increase on-time renewals and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Oracle Service Command Center – mitigate service level agreement risks, identify and act on critical service requests, and provide quality service.

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Command Center

Source: Oracle 2019

Achieving ERP Modernization in Your Enterprise Without Moving to The Cloud

Every enterprise should be shifting to the Cloud soon, to access new features and capabilities that would allow organizations to address the demands of the digital era. But the reality is that a lot of enterprises are still heavily investing in their on-prem ERPs and would move to the Cloud only in some capacity.

Enterprises not willing to start the journey to the Cloud now require solutions, like ECC, that can fully integrate with their existing apps, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

IT decision-makers can create a fully upgraded and integrated user experience without scrapping the legacy systems they’ve come to rely on with the appropriate tools.


How Can You Do it?

Modernizing your ERP system to drive innovation and focus on your differentiators is a journey that should be custom tailored to your IT & business needs.

IT Convergence can help you identify the best path for your enterprise and recommend the optimal technology roadmap.

Our ERP Roadmap Assessment will provide you with:

  •       ERP Best Practices and Recommendations to Drive Efficiency
  •       Strategy for Data Capture & Cleansing to Support Analytics
  •       Evaluation of Oracle On-Premise Environment & Recommendations
  •       Roadmap for Your EBS and Oracle Cloud: Optimal Future State

ERP Roadmap Assessment

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