Offshoring: Basics and Benefits

April 11, 2016

For the past decade, there has not been an IT development project that did not involve an offshore component. Offshoring is the solution of choice for many companies, including big names in the game, such as Oracle itself. What, then, is offshoring? What are its benefits that huge multinational companies are hosting their IT service centers offshore?

What is Offshoring

Offshore is also known as outsourcing delivery in other nomenclature. For companies with a healthy and mature IT model, offshoring is the seasoned approach and the preferred model for operations. As a solution for your upgrade, a dedicated offshore team can be assembled, tailored according to the needs of your business, without compromising the quality of the resources required. This offshore team complements your business by taking care of support activities completely, so your business can focus on its core competencies.

The Benefits of Offshore

1. Right Quality for the Right Cost

Availing of the offshore model is cost efficient, without compromising the quality of services provided. For the right cost that fits under your budget, your company can still avail of the same experience and expertise offshore as you can onshore. For instance, you can have senior level consultants across the board in your team without worrying about high costs.

2. Presence in More than One Region

Multinational companies have presence in various locations around the globe. Offshore teams make 24/7 support possible, where time differences can be used to your advantage; when the day ends, the onshore team can turn over work to the offshoring team and vice versa. Onshore resources will need to stay overtime to provide support for companies in a different time zone, but offshore resources, who operate on opposite hours, makes round-the-clock support possible.

3. Centralized Services

Offshoring services are usually situated in one location. Should there be any coordination required among multiple people, it is done much more efficiently. Issues are resolved instantly and communication amongst team members is more immediate. A dedicated team will be assigned to your project that can take over. A dedicated team will be assigned to your project that can take over onshore activities.

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