Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2 Upgrading Checklist

January 15, 2022

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as the year 2021 ended, so did Premier Support for your Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) on-premises instance, if below 11.2, of course.

Losing Premier Support is much more than losing fixes and updates for your Oracle Hyperion EPM, it also means enlarging the attack surface area of your software instance and increasing the unwanted vulnerabilities and added costs of working with a desupported software instance.

For many on-premises clients, the best road ahead is to stay on-premises ahead of a full-blown migration to Oracle EPM Cloud. If that’s the case for you, we’ve condensed this Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2 upgrading checklist so you get a greater understanding of the items you need to plan ahead and strategize for ahead of your upgrade efforts.

Supported Paths and Upgrade Checklist to Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2

Before you move forward with your Oracle Hyperion EPM upgrade efforts to 11.2, keep in mind that backups are your best friend.

Next, we share the tasks that you need to perform to upgrade Oracle Hyperion EPM, in the order they must be completed, which must take place in its entirety.

Upgrading Checklist

Preparing to Upgrade
1. Evaluate release compatibility, system requirements, and other prerequisites for this release. Upgrade your database environment if needed before you proceed.
2. Prepare your environment for 11.2 installation by keeping a record of machines with earlier release products and machines on which you plan to install the new release products.
3. Perform upgrade-specific prerequisite tasks.
4. Take action to get artifacts, applications, data, and security information ready for the upgrade from your previous release (for instance, the environment). You can get each element ready in any order that suits you.
5. Download and prepare the installation files.
Perform iterations across each product items, one at a time, in this suggested order:

  • Oracle Hyperion Foundation Services
  • Oracle Essbase Server and all other Essbase products. Keep in mind that you must also set up the web server. After configuration, restart the web server and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace.
  • All other EPM System products, in any order. Keep in mind that after configuring each product, you must also configure the web server and then restart the web server and EPM Workspace.
Installation and Configuration
6. Get ready to install the Oracle Hyperion EPM R12.2 version by choosing the New Installation option in a new location. 
7. Restore the system schema prior to configuring Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.
8. Set up R11.2 products, one at a time.
9. Prompt EPM System services.
10. Ensure the installation is valid by using the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Diagnostics feature.
11. Configure any external authentication directories used prior to R11.2.
12. Install and configure Oracle Data Relationship Management.
Import applications, data, security, and other artifacts
13. Bring applications, data, and security information in the following sequence:

  1. Users and groups.
  2. Applications and data.
  3. Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager artifacts.
  4. Provisioning information and task flows.
14. If you are using Data Relationship Management to manage metadata, export metadata from Data Relationship Management and import it to your applications.
15. Execute any manual configuration tasks for Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management.
17. Restart the EPM System services and re-run the EPM System Diagnostics feature.

While it may look easy in a checklist format, please keep in mind that this is an all-around effort that heavily involves critical decisions that could affect the wellbeing of your entire organization. It’s highly recommended that you leverage the know-how of expert upgrade consultants who can guide you every step of the Oracle Hyperion EPM upgrade to R11.2.
You can move to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Release 11.2.x from Release, including Release and Release You must be on the latest patch for your release.

Supported Paths to Release 11.2.x

Upgrade From Upgrade To
Release, including Release and Release Release 11.2.x
For Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, you can upgrade only from Release Release 11.2.x
For Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition, you can upgrade only from Release Note that PSU .220 is included in Release and Release Release 11.2.x

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