Reducing the Downtime of Your Oracle R12.2 Upgrade

April 11, 2016

The Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 offers organizations new product functionality to enhance process management and introduces new tools for installing, upgrading and maintaining your EBS environment. These new capabilities can pose challenges, such as adapting to existing customizations, disparate locations, and technological feasibility.

However, the road to your R12.2 upgrade does not have to be a rough one. On April 11, 2016, Preet Singh (CMS Database Services Director at IT Convergence) will be presenting best practices and tips for decreasing the downtime of your Oracle R12.2 Upgrade. Analyzing some key factors can minimize system interruptions and get your business operations up and running in no time:

Workflow and Purging
Consider if you have performed any purging or archiving of your existing environment. Check for Workflow Data and Module Purging. Once you have cleaned the data, your upgrade should run much faster.

Attachments in LOBs
Another item which is often overlooked is attachments and images. Have you ever purged LOBs? Cleaning your unrequired data can drastically reduce your downtime during the upgrade window.

Sub-ledger Accounting
Next, analyze module-specific functionality and see if something can be performed ahead of time. Optionally, if you want to migrate historical payroll data to SLA that has been posted to GL prior to availability of SLA functionality, run the concurrent program Upgrade Historical Payroll Data to SLA for payroll system data synchronization.

Infrastructure, Database & Application Layer Tuning
Focus on long running jobs and tools that can help you identify what needs prioritizing, which should help you lessen the required time a bit further. Have you followed the guidelines of Oracle support documentation? It has to match and must be done in order for Oracle to run in optimal performance mode. Don’t forget to employ an efficient number of AD workers – sometimes less is more.

To find out more on how to ease your Oracle R12.2 Upgrade, come join our session: “Demystify the Secrets of Optimizing E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade” in on 11 April at 2:00 pm in room Jasmine G. See you there!

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