Top 4 High-Level Tricentis Use Cases for Oracle EBS Testing

March 17, 2023

A modern Oracle environment is critical to the success of any digital business. In fact, updating Oracle systems or migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is often the cornerstone of an enterprise digital transformation, creating a digital core that connects to applications and ecosystems across the business. Testing ensures that these complex integrations function properly – and that the business will not be interrupted when updates are rolled out.

Because even the smallest software application changes can have a disruptive impact, testing is a critical part of the process. Historically, testing has also been expensive, time-consuming, and complex. But it doesn’t have to be.

Use Case 1 – Automation

Companies relying on legacy tools or manual methods can’t accommodate the speed and volume of testing required during an Oracle Upgrade or cloud Migration. The result: further extending the project timeline, increasing the IT budget, and derailing the integration of end-to-end processes.

Scenarios where this will be applicable:

  • Migration to cloud solution from Oracle On-Prem
  • Current Oracle Fusion customer – New quarterly releases
  • Upgrade of on-premise solutions to remain current with support – Deprecation of OATs or Migration from UFT to prepare for future testing needs

With Tricentis Tosca delivers many capabilities that strengthen automated testing for Oracle EBS. This one application delivers automated testing work across Oracle Cloud and Oracle on-premises applications, which helps Accelerate release cycles at lower cost and improves risk coverage. Check out the key Considerations in Automated Testing for Oracle Cloud Applications (Oracle HCM, ERP, SCM, EPM and EBS) eBook.

Use Case 2 – Data Integrity

For Oracle EBS users the data Integrity is critical to the smooth functioning of the business operations. Common ask by IT Decision makers are Data Profiling, Data Comparison of feeds generated by new system (comparing on-prem and the cloud), data reconciliation, How data profiling and data diff reports will be published to users?

Scenarios where this will be applicable:

  • Validation of data migration to Cloud solutions
  • Data Strategies around analytics and data consolidation

For overcoming the above challenges Tosca Data Integrity helps ensure that your data arrives intact and fit for purpose as it travels between your source systems and data warehouse to your reports, dashboards, and business processes while you catch more data errors upfront.

Use Case 3 – Agile Test Management

Testing of Oracle EBS using Agile principles is critical to ensure their quality and reliability. This emphasizes the importance of automation, to reduce the time and effort required for manual testing, and to ensure that tests are repeatable and consistent. Since Oracle EBS is usually connected to many different business processes and scenarios to test, this becomes utmost critical to undertake.

Scenarios where this will be applicable:

  • Management of independent teams/solutions within the customers Oracle ownership
  • Orchestration of discrete testing activities and defect management through large upgrades or migrations.

Tricentis qTest addresses Scalable test management, operations, and analytics to centralize testing and orchestrate quality at speed, with visibility throughout the software development lifecycle. Scalable, trustworthy test operations for deriving more out of their test automation and Complete visibility into testing using Agile Test Management.

Use Case 4 – Performance Engineering

Performance engineering is the process of designing and testing software applications like Oracle EBS to ensure that they can handle expected user loads and perform optimally under stress. Oracle EBS systems are no exception to this, and it is crucial to test their performance to ensure that they can handle the expected transaction volumes, users, and data loads. Check out in this blog How to Mitigate Business Risks with Oracle EBS Continuous Performance Testing

Scenarios where this will be applicable:

  • Proper sizing of hardware for On-Premise software based on requirements
  • Ensure response rates of integration don’t exceed capacity of hosted solutions APIs

With Neoload you can now repurpose Tosca functional tests as NeoLoad performance tests with just one click. It’s the perfect solution to accelerate release cycles without sacrificing quality. You can realize greater efficiency, productivity, and quality through reducing test design and script maintenance. Allow performance test cycles to match the speed of functional test cycles and release Oracle EBS to production faster with a higher degree of confidence.

Tricentis offers No code scriptless automation as opposed to other tools that have scripted solutions or require scripting to support legacy apps. Tricentis supports Oracle EBS which is the only scriptless test automation solution for EBS. Provides Test Data Mgt solution among DevOps and remote automation agents that other tools don’t offer – enhancing business experience & increasing project velocity Easy conversion of functional Automation Scripts to load testing scripts. This was only possible in the past with Microsoft test tools but Microsoft has stopped supporting testing tools.

IT Convergence has a strategic partnership with both Tricentis & Oracle with which we help customers accelerate and de-risk their Oracle releases. ITC and Tricentis are co-innovating so you get automated testing for all new Oracle solutions. ITC for the last 20 years has been successfully managing critical applications from Oracle’s stable. As our customer, you’ll rest easy knowing our long standing partnership with Oracle and proven track record means we have the experience to help you make your Oracle initiatives succeed.

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