Upgrading Oracle EBS to the latest version of the 12.2 release before losing Premier Support

April 8, 2021

Why You Need to Upgrade Now

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) instances on any release version prior to 12.2 will lose Premier Support at the end of December 2021. Being outside Oracle’s support umbrella will cut off the delivery of new updates, fixes, or security patches for your EBS.

Failing to upgrade to R12.2.X in less than 9 months, you will expose your EBS investment to the additional costs of working on an unsupported version, the risks of multi-million dollar data breaches and security flaws of working on an unprotected version, and the loss of functionalities of working on a version that’s not optimized.

Upgrading EBS to R12.2.X is the last difficult upgrade you’ll ever make

Major upgrades typically mean high costs, lots of man-hours involved, resource strain, and other risks associated with what could go wrong during an upgrade.

With release version 12.2, Oracle introduced its Continuous Innovation model, an approach designed to help protect your investment by delivering ongoing application and technology updates without a major upgrade. Premier Support is also part of this model through 2030 as part of Oracle Lifetime Support for Oracle Applications Unlimited products.

With Continuous Innovation, the upgrade to R12.2.X is the last difficult upgrade you’ll ever make, optimizing your EBS instance for the future and covering any future needs you might have.

In a nutshell, this new model decouples updates of the underlying Oracle technology stack from the updates to applications functionality, ensuring that you can obtain new application functionality with relative ease without the trouble of taking on a technology upgrade at the same time.

All of this translates into maximizing your EBS investment with new functionality, updates, fixes, and security patches delivered to your system without embarking on a major upgrade effort.

Innovations in Oracle EBS latest version 12.2.10

In September 2020, Oracle unveiled the latest in a series of annual, suite-wide EBS updates as part of the cumulative 12.2.10 version. Bear in mind that versions below the 12.2 release don’t have a direct upgrade path to 12.2.10 and instead, need to upgrade to 12.2 first before attempting to be on any 12.2.X version of the release.

With many features and enhancements to unpack, here’s a sample of what you’ll get when you upgrade to the latest version of the 12.2 release.

  • Two new and enhanced Enterprise Command Centers (ECCs) available on versions 12.2.4 and higher.
    • Now, there are 30 command centers with more than 100 dashboards available across Financials, Procurement and Projects, Order Management and Logistics, Manufacturing, Asset Lifecycle and Service, and Human Capital Management.
  • G-Invoicing for US Federal Program Agencies offering support for more efficient management of intragovernmental buy/sell transactions.
  • EBS Mobile Release 9 including updates to smartphone apps.
  • HRMS Release Update Pack with annual legislative updates for Oracle Human Capital Management.
  • EBS Person Data Removal Tool that safely removes sensitive data associated with people in the EBS system.
  • EBS Cloud Manager for EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with increased automation to help enterprises run EBS on OCI

How Much Time Do You Have?

With only 9 months left to do the upgrade, we have proven approaches to help you get the upgrade done in time, reduce upgrade costs, minimize the risks of going it alone, and ensure knowledge transfer to your internal teams.

We’ve created a summary guide ebook to help guide you through the typical steps involved in an Oracle EBS upgrade from 12.0 and 12.1 to 12.2.X.

Download our ebook and learn more about these steps and why leveraging an ITC consultant can help you, not only access a global pool of resources that provide uninterrupted support around the clock, but that also ensure the upgrade gets done successfully and on time.

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