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Oracle Fusion Managed Services - Implementation Insights

Many fail to mis-judge the post implementation management scope and assume all responsibilities shall fall under SaaS Application vendor’s scope. Especially critical applications like Oracle ERP, HCM, SCM, Marketing, Service etc this becomes even more essential to understand who owns the post implementation support service. But here is where it starts getting interesting once you understand the difference in the shared responsibilities, you learn that few roles become less relevant however few others start adding more responsibilities.

But here is where it starts getting interesting once you understand the difference in the shared responsibilities, you learn that few roles become less relevant however few others start adding more responsibilities.

Oracle Cloud Applications Shared Responsibility

SaaS providers will be responsible for things under their control, such as physical infrastructure, environmental, and compute infrastructure, and What is the client responsible for?

  • Shared responsibility in managing Oracle Cloud Applications (Fusion)?
  • Shared responsibility of SaaS vendor vs SaaS customer
  • Business challenges and resolutions for managing Oracle Cloud ERP?


Unresolved Challenges in Oracle Fusion Service Contract?

Mis-judged post implementation management scope to assume all responsibilities shall fall with Oracle in your Fusion applications contract?

Oracle’s responsibility does not eliminate the need for a services support team. Why?

  • Who manages access level security?
  • Who manages Application administration?
  • Who manages the Application Integration with other apps & customizations?
  • Who manages the Data and Analytics?
  • What about applying Updates, Data Cleansing, Restructuring and Redistributions & Patches?

P.S Oracle does not manage any of these in its Fusion applications contract. Read the blog responsibilities of IT & Business for Oracle Fusion, to understand & avoid any loopholes in your service scope.

Managing Oracle Fusion Service Support: Faster the Better

Make the most of your Oracle Fusion subscription in terms of functionality, performance, and user productivity, and all this with an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO). How?

  • Timely functional support for end users to increase adoption & satisfaction
  • Lifecycle management for extensions and integrations
  • 24/7 critical process management of your key SaaS business flows during peak season
  • Avoid unexpected change effects on your applications, such as after SaaS update cycles

Resolve Issues Faster by adding Key 5 post implementation services to your Oracle Fusion Applications Services Contract.

How to Uncomplicate Oracle Cloud Fusion support Teams? Solved

What should your Oracle Fusion application support operating model look like? Service through Existing Team structure or New? Train Skills or Engage Specialists for servicing? How to uncomplicate these?

Step 1: Update Your ERP support structure and teams

Step 2: Define the new roles and responsibilities

Step 3: Establish new processes for how the teams operate


Resolved all Oracle Fusion Cloud Skill Gaps?

How do you resolve Fusion issues faster and at optimized costs by bridging the skill gap with expert partner for ERP, HCM, SCM, Financials, Marketing, Sales

Your Oracle Fusion cloud application landscape demands changes to your existing support team & governance framework in the overall cloud strategy.

  • What role does your Expert Partner play here?
  • To Optimize cost, what do you outsource vs manage in-house?
  • Does the team lack job titles, job descriptions, missing talents and skills for cloud success?

Solve all Oracle Fusion post implementation service challenges in this eBook: Role of Expert Partner in Managing Oracle Fusion Applications

Adopt vs Adapt, Confusing your Oracle Cloud ERP Service Decisions?

Decision to Adopt vs Adapt, missing in your cloud governance framework strategy hampering Cloud ERP post implementation services?

If Adapting additional scope into the inhouse team is not the answer, then

Adopting skills of an expert Oracle Partner to fulfill the below 8 customer responsibilities is the most practical approach.

How does one select the most relevant Oracle cloud partner to Adopt these skills to your unique usage scenarios? All answered in this eBook in 4 easy steps.


Post Implementation Oracle Cloud Application Customer Responsibility
Access Level Security Saas Customization & Configuration
Application Administration  Application Integration
APaaS Coding Data & Analytics
Update Data Cleansing, Restructuring  Redistributions & Patches 

[Case Study] Eliminate administrative worries end-to-end for Oracle apps

Mid-size Enterprises face constant challenges, to operationalize resources to resolve breakdown or updates for their Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

How did we solve this for a privately owned wealth management company (estd. 1907) providing services from estate planning to insurance advisory & headquarters in New York City, with 19 global offices?

Read the case study on how our process-driven managed services, flexible subscription model, and deep expertise in Oracle Cloud Applications, led them eliminating all their Application administrative worries.

If your challenges are similar, reply to this email and we will schedule a call with our Cloud Experts.

[Case Study] Oracle ERP Cloud Implementation Challenges and How to Succeed with a Expert Partner

A leading genetic medicines biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative products for serious rare neuromuscular diseases removed existing implementation partners due to underperformance. How our experts re-solved several implementation challenges which the previous partner could not.

  • Challenge with existing implementation partner unable to complete all project activities required for go-live for Oracle ERP Cloud?
  • Unable to scale up skilled resources for achieving key deadlines to your implementation project?
  • Existing partners do not have the skill to run end-to-end Post implementation Oracle Fusion Managed Services (ERP) support


7 Use Cases Defining Right-Fit for Oracle SaaS Service Partner

How do you define your service needs to match with a partner for cloud service capabilities? How do you shortlist “The One”?

These 7 use cases can help you Stack & Compare your needs against partner capabilities for Oracle SaaS Applications.


Why IT Convergence ?

IT Convergence understands Oracle SaaS (ERP, HCM,SCM, Service) and the potential complexities that you may face when taking on a cloud transformation. We are with you throughout your journey, with the insight to drive the right actions, and the tools to help you maximize effectiveness.

We go out of our way to support our customers’ needs. What sets us apart as your Oracle SaaS partner?

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