UTOUG Training Days 2024

UTOUG Training Days are an annual conference and training event organized by the Utah Oracle Users Group. They feature multiple days of educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities focused on Oracle technologies and related topics. In the 2024 Training Days conference, attendees can learn about new Oracle products, best practices, and industry trends, as well as network with peers and experts in the field. UTOUG Training Days are geared towards Oracle users, developers, administrators, and anyone else interested in Oracle technologies.

Oracle AutoML UI: The Democratization of Machine Learning

Oracle’s AutoML UI streamlines the machine learning process, autonomously comparing and ranking various ML models for given tasks. In our live demos, we will demonstrate the scenarios best suited for this interface. Additionally, we’ll show how it auto-generates the machine learning model code, significantly reducing development time and easing its transition to deployment.

March 21 – 10:30 AM MDT

Speaker: Edelweiss Kammermann, Director of AI & ML, IT Convergence

Oracle AI in Action: Understanding Cloud Services for Beginners

This session offers a straightforward introduction to OCI Cloud AI Services and Oracle Data Science, specially designed for newcomers. It aims to clarify AI fundamentals and demonstrate how Oracle’s offerings simplify AI adoption in business scenarios. The highlight of this session will be interactive live demos showcasing the practical use and user experience of Oracle’s AI services, making it an ideal learning opportunity for aspiring data scientists and business professionals interested in cloud-based AI.

March 22 – 1:45 PM MDT

Speaker: Edelweiss Kammermann, Director of AI & ML, IT Convergence

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Edelweiss Kammermann

Director of AI & Machine Learning

Edelweiss Kammermann is an Analytics, Data Integration & Machine Learning specialist with over 20 years of consulting, project management, and team lead experience. In the last 10 years, she has been building and managing Analytics and Machine Learning global teams for US and British companies. In her role as SME, she offers analysis, recommendations, and advice to clients regarding their Analytics & ML ecosystem & roadmap.

Her work with both private and public organizations, earlier in her career, has spanned much of South America, especially Uruguay, Bolivia, Panamá, and Honduras working in World Bank Projects.

Edelweiss is an Oracle ACE Director and a frequent speaker at international conferences like OTN Tour, UKOUG Tech/Apps, OOW, Code One, Collaborate, Analytics & Data Summit among others. Her sessions include talks on Analytics, Data Integration, Machine Learning, and Cloud solutions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.