4 Reasons Why You Need a Consultant to Remediate CEMLIs When Upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2

March 3, 2021

Why you need CEMLI Remediation

Oracle EBS clients planning to continue to leverage EBS mission-critical capabilities need to upgrade to version 12.2 as all versions prior will have Premier Support end in December 2021.

Premier Support is the only form of support that fully protects your EBS investment by giving you full access to fixes, updates, and security patches. If you continue to delay the upgrade, you could expose your business to unwanted losses and risks.

An upgrade or migrate project to R12.2 is more technical than functional, with the most prominent technical work being CEMLI Remediation to ensure they meet R12.2 standards. Because of this, you need to approach the EBS upgrade or migrate project with a strategic plan to fully estimate the effort that’s required.

One of the first things on the list of factors to prioritize is CEMLI Remediation and ITC can help you ensure that your EBS CEMLI fully meet (or at least minimally meet) the Oracle requirements to make existing customizations work as they should in R12.2.

Up next, we will flesh out the reasoning and benefits of partnering with IT Convergence to leverage a team of CEMLI consultants that possess unique and profound knowledge in CEMLI Remediation and down the road, help you upgrade to EBS R12.2 successfully.

Top 4 Reasons to Partner with a CEMLI Consultant

Your EBS team sometimes needs expert help and knowledge to navigate how to scope, adapt, optimize, and get the most value out of your investment. The effort you invest here should also involve a comprehensive design of short-term and long-term strategies regarding not only your EBS upgrade but the continued optimization of EBS capabilities.

The good news is you don’t have to do everything on your own. IT Convergence offers proven strategic resource-sharing models that help you complete your upgrade by combining your internal staff capabilities with ITC expertise, however you need it.

Whether you need a fully-staffed solution where our team steers your project from beginning to end, a task-sharing solution where consultants work with you side by side to split tasks, a kick-start solution where we help set your project in motion, or a combination of any resource you need to balance the costs, risks, and knowledge-transfer needs of your project, there’s a right mix of resources for you.

CEMLI Remediation can be one of the most daunting tasks of an EBS upgrade and here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider partnering with a CEMLI consultant to perform CEMLI Remediation, and help you down the road with the EBS upgrade or migrate project.

  1. Access unique, profound knowledge of how to successfully execute CEMLI Remediation and complete an EBS upgrade. Experienced CEMLI consultants have developed in-depth knowledge over dozens of projects on how best to remediate CEMLIs, which will set your EBS upgrade or migrate project on the road to success. As stated earlier, CEMLI Remediation can be a critical area that takes a heavy toll on technical resources and the overall technical effort of an upgrade, so having an expert on deck who employs best practices from beginning to end can benefit you greatly.
  2. Minimize the risks that would result from you embarking on CEMLI Remediation on your own. Partnering with a team of consultants helps you minimize, or virtually eliminate, a number of risks associated with addressing CEMLIs and upgrading your EBS on your own. Time and again, we’ve seen clients go over budget, exceed the expected timeline, or fail to comply with R12 standards, all of which stem from not having the proper know-how at hand. It is easy to set off down the wrong path on CEMLI Remediation the first time you try it, and having experienced resources working side by side with you will help you avoid that trap.
  3. Ensure knowledge transfer to your internal teams. If you’re interested in having your team learn about how to remediate CEMLIs or upgrade EBS to R12.2, you could benefit from using a resource-sharing model that guides you through the process and ensures that your team learns critical aspects of CEMLI Remediation as part of the overall EBS upgrade or migrate project. It also provides an important foundation for your team to continue to develop and maintain R12.2 CEMLI “the right way” going forward.
  4. Reduce your budget by having experts helping you remediate CEMLIs quickly and streamline your EBS upgrade project. CEMLI consultants are not only experts in this critical area, they’ve also worked on numerous projects that have uniquely positioned them to know many of the bottlenecks or pitfalls that may come up during CEMLI Remediation. Thus, they can quickly address issues or prevent them from happening altogether when possible. As far as an EBS upgrade or migrate project, you can also reduce costs by using a resource-sharing model where our consultants take the lead to show your team what needs to be done so that your own team can perform a significant portion of the remediation tasks, helping you save money along the way.


Customizations always factor into the effort of upgrading EBS, especially when upgrading to R12.2. Improperly addressing CEMLI remediation can result in additional work, costs, and staff training to ensure that CEMLI are working properly according to R12.2 standards.

The time required for CEMLI Remediation is worthy of attention because, if you have delayed your EBS upgrade, you are now in a race against the December 2021 date to remain on support and continue to access critical fixes, updates, and security patches. You need to “do it right the first time” on CEMLI Remediation, because you won’t have a second chance before the deadline.

Let IT Convergence help you get to the finish line successfully, our expert consultants not only possess unique know-how of how to remediate your CEMLIs to accommodate new features and capabilities and meet the R12.2 standards, but they are also experts in taking an EBS upgrade or migrate project to success.

CEMLI Remediation Framework

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