Busting 5 Myths About AI-Driven Test Automation for Oracle EBS

August 18, 2023

In the evolving landscape of modern software testing, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and test automation has emerged as a revolutionary force, promising efficiency, accuracy, and accelerated workflows. Amidst the vanguard stands Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), a comprehensive solution relied upon by organizations worldwide. Yet, as AI-driven test automation for Oracle EBS gains prominence, so too do AI based testing myths that veil its true potential.

This blog demystifies the AI based testing myths, dissects the realities, and charts a course towards harnessing the true power of test automation in the context of Oracle EBS.

AI Based Testing Myth #1: AI-Driven Test Automation is a Panacea

You may have heard that all of your testing issues can be resolved by AI-driven test automation. That it can complete tasks more quickly, more effectively, and more affordably than human testers.

Sorry to break your bubble, but that’s simply one of the AI based testing myths.

AI-driven test automation is not a magic bullet that can solve all of your problems. It is a potent tool that can improve your current testing abilities and assist you in doing business process testing through the user interfaces of your Oracle apps.

However, it still needs human input, direction, and supervision to be successful and accurate, particularly when dealing with the monumental task of automating Oracle EBS tests.

Consider AI-driven test automation as a partner who can improve human testers’ abilities and productivity rather than as a replacement for them.

AI Based Testing Myth #2: Businesses Can Have a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to AI-driven Test Automation

One of the most common AI based testing myths is that AI-driven test automation is considered a one-size-fit-all solution by some. Especially not when testing needs to be automated for a programme as sophisticated as Oracle EBS. Focus on the genuine benefits when you strip away all the marketing jargon.

Will AI be able to categorize your business processes after they have been uploaded into a programme or perhaps help you map out your business processes?

In order to reduce the workload associated with regression testing maintenance when the Oracle EBS system UI changes, would the AI assist your testing teams in creating automated test cases more quickly?

For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) based on computer vision can assist you with visual testing and UI validation, while AI based on natural language processing can assist you with test case generation and documentation. You must assess your testing objectives and demands as an Oracle EBS programme manager before selecting the AI solution that would best serve them.

AI Based Testing Myth #3: All of Your Oracle EBS Test Scripts Can Be Written by AI

When it comes to creating automated Oracle EBS tests, AI-driven test automation is still not a suitable replacement for human knowledge and imagination. It takes specialized expertise and abilities to test Oracle E-Business Suite efficiently and with the greatest amount of test coverage because it is a complicated and frequently customized beast.

The generation and execution of some simple test scripts based on established templates and data can be assisted by AI-driven test automation, but it is unable to manage all the intricacies and variations that Oracle EBS testing may entail.

AI-driven test automation, for instance, would not be able to produce automated test scripts that cover all situations, processes, setups, integrations, validations, and exceptions that your regular Oracle EBS users might experience. AI-driven test automation won’t be able to validate the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your test scenarios, often known as test data sets.

To assure their quality and maximize test coverage, human testers must still write, review, and maintain Oracle EBS test scripts.

AI Based Testing Myth #4: AI-Driven Test Automation Does Not Require Ongoing Investment

A static solution that you can “set and forget” is not what AI-driven test automation is. It’s a dynamic, ongoing process that needs to be constantly monitored, maintained, and improved to keep up with shifting business requirements.

Data is used by AI-driven automation solutions for EBS testing to learn from and adjust to changing environments and needs. The accuracy, volume, and relevance of the data used to fuel AI models must therefore be guaranteed.

AI-driven test cases require routine updating and validation to guarantee their quality and dependability, just like traditional test automation. You should allot appropriate time and funds to oversee and maximize your AI-driven test automation efforts as an Oracle EBS programme manager or decision maker.

The secret to making this a reality is to bust AI based testing myths picking the best Oracle EBS test automation solution that enables you to stay ahead of the curve and lean, freeing up finances to invest in other crucial test automation domains.

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AI Based Testing Myth #5: Oracle Test Automation Powered by AI in the Cloud EBS Cannot Assist You as You Transition to Oracle Fusion ERP

If you are planning for a shift to the Oracle Cloud Fusion ERP system in future, then it would only be wise to start making preparations in your choice of EBS test automation solution now.

The last thing you want to be associated with is choosing an EBS test automation product that forces your business to abandon all of its automated tests and start from scratch with Fusion ERP.

You currently have the choice to future-proof your software testing programme so that any switch to a cloud-based ERP solution won’t force you to abandon your EBS automated tests.


For Oracle EBS decision-makers who want to enhance their testing processes and results and spare their business users the aggravation of having to run endless manual test cases, AI-driven test automation is an intriguing and promising field that provides numerous advantages.

But it also has some drawbacks and difficulties that must be acknowledged and resolved. You may use the information you have about AI-driven test automation to make wise choices about how to use it efficiently in your functional testing initiatives.

Test automation technologies from IT Convergence can speed up the innovation you are looking for in your business. IT Convergence is a member of a rare breed of cutting-edge automation solutions that can quickly and easily help you develop, run, analyze, optimize, upgrade and update your Oracle EBS test models. Our expert engineers can help the new tools smoothly interact with your current testing platforms and tools, giving you a single source of truth for your project to automate Oracle tests.

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