Maximizing the value of your Oracle EBS with R12.2 Modules

July 29, 2021

With many customers still below the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), which is version 12.2.10 as of September 2020, there is a time constraint to account for since Oracle Premier Support will only be available until the end of December 2021 for clients below R12.2.X.

If you lose Premier Support, what does this mean for your Oracle EBS and its modules? For starters, you will immediately lose access to any updates, fixes, or security patches that are essential to the correct functioning of your Oracle EBS. By working on an unsupported version, your EBS will be exposed to unwanted costs and security vulnerabilities that are associated with no longer receiving Premier Support.

Of course, there are several paths that EBS clients have to mitigate some, albeit not all, of the risks of losing Premier Support. One of those paths is the limited form of support called Market Driven Support that only mitigates a small portion of critical aspects to ensure your EBS is somewhat protected for the years 2022 and 2023.

Beyond that, the path that all EBS clients will wind up taking at one time or another, and which so happens to be the most beneficial action, is the upgrade to release 12.2.X.

As part of the upgrade to R12.2, EBS clients will enjoy the benefits and innovations of the 12.2 release which is packed with numerous functional, operational, and efficiency-driven improvements.

These R12.2 innovations are spread out across the suite of modules that EBS includes. These modules are the backbone of the EBS system and what make it the top-tier ERP system it is.

With different modules to consider, here’s a roundup of them so you can easily identify how the modules in EBS you use the most will be positively impacted by the upgrade to Oracle EBS R12.2.X.

EBS 12.2 Upgrade Impact on Modules

As a whole, the collection of modules in EBS help empower an organization to support their mission-critical tasks. From supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), and much more, EBS r12.2 offers a comprehensive solution of modules that is covered by Oracle’s Lifetime Policy with Premier Support through at least 2032 for EBS clients on R12.2.X.

Let’s explore some of the most prominent modules in Oracle EBS R12.2.

Oracle Financials

As Oracle states, Oracle Financials is a key module that is customizable, easy to use, and comprehensive. It includes applications like General Ledger, Payables, Advanced Collections, Loans, Credit Management, and Receivables, to name a few. To learn more about the new features and benefits of Oracle Financials in EBS R12.2, please download our ebook for a full outline.

Oracle Supply Chain Management

Modeled to provide tools to manage the flow of goods (product or service) to the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the finished goods at its final destination, Oracle SCM is a staple within Oracle apps. Supply chain activities include product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, inventory planning, maintenance of enterprise assets, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, order management, etc.

Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Suite of applications that are aimed at empowering data-driven sales, service, and marketing. This EBS module helps streamline business processes, improve data quality, and source data for key divisions. From marketing, order capture, contracts, field service, and call center capabilities, Oracle CRM also includes content management, order management, and more.

Human Resource Management System

This collection of software tools enables organizations to manage HR functions in a centralized fashion. From employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, talent management, engagement, attendance, training, and much more, this module helps HR professionals manage employees successfully. All in all, it’s a human capital management solution.

Oracle Logistics

Oracle Logistics applications include logistics network modeling, warehouse management, transportation management, transportation operational planning, fleet management, and global trade management. All of these applications are aimed at reshaping and improving logistics management by applying responsive technologies that meet the demands of the modern business landscape to drive efficiencies across end-to-end logistics processes.

Wrapping up

Oracle EBS R12.2 helps clients benefit from next generation technologies that drive daily operations with flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to meet the latest business demands. With the release of R12.2, Oracle solidified its commitment to continuously improve the EBS instance and offer Premier Support to deliver ongoing updates, fixes, and security patches which help clients stay operational and safe.

Unfortunately, many clients have failed to take prompt action and are still below R12.2.X, exposing their business and EBS instance to unwanted costs and security vulnerabilities of working with an unsupported version.

If you’re interested in discovering the fastest strategies to upgrade your EBS to R12.2 before time runs out (December 2021), check out our on-demand webinar where our experts give you a play-by-play on the options you have to expedite your upgrade.

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