Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – ITC Booth #1023

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – ITC Booth #1023

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – ITC Booth #1023

IT Convergence Booth #1023 at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco September 16 – 19, 2019


By 2020, enterprises that have successfully modernized their core ERP will achieve a 75% improvement in IT response agility and cost-to-value outcomes.


By 2022, at least 70% of global enterprises will have revisited their single-instance ERP approach because it is not responsive enough to meet requirements for digital business transformation.


ERP will remain a key part of the digital strategy but must evolve to enable a digital platform.


There is no “right” choice when it comes to ERP delivery models. A “one size fits all” approach to ERP leaves many complex and global organizations struggling to balance their diverse priorities.


Moving to the cloud by itself does not make you a digital business. Nor does retaining some capabilities on-premises make you a Luddite.


Modernizing your ERP to drive innovation and deliver business value is a journey that should be custom-tailored to your unique IT & business needs based on what differentiates you.


Meet with our experts at Booth #1023 and discuss how best to:


  • Develop the modernization approach in phases that allows you to maintain operations while upgrading the pieces.
  • Identify core processes requiring optimization and automation as part of modernization
  • Strategically move business capabilities to cloud solutions and services to provide agility, flexibility and improved functionality.
  • Realign ERP resources based on your strategy — investigate cloud or managed services as an option to outsource ERP processes that do not provide differentiation.
  • Create a mature Integration Strategy that is agile, cross-boundary and scalable to support the innovation requirements of postmodern ERP
  • Streamline and improve financial processes and operations in support of transformational business strategy: modern FMS supports business model innovation, improved user collaboration and upgraded usability via strong data visualization.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies with innovative technologies like RPA, AI, IoT, machine-learning embedded into your ERP platform
  • Get deeper insights and improve decision making by consolidating structured and unstructured data from multiple sources

Our team of experts & Oracle ACE Directors will be holding exclusive Oracle OpenWorld sessions throughout the event. Read more here.


Booth #1023 is featuring:


RPA Sessions at the Booth #1023


On Tuesday September 17th, stop by our Booth #1023 and join our session on RPA: “4 Steps to Automation”, to learn about how you can start a successful automation path.


RPA technology brings important opportunities to improve efficiencies in an organization by automating activities that were previously executed by humans. In this talk we will go over the basics of RPA, most common use cases and pitfalls in RPA implementations, and provide practical insights and lessons learned from client success cases.

Date: Tuesday September 17th, 2019
Time: 11:00am to 11:30am and 3:00pm to 3:30pm

What you can learn in this session:


  • RPA fundamental concepts, applications and demo
  • What are the Benefits of RPA and what’s the best approach to estimate RPA ROI?
  • Best practices for implementing RPA and Governance
  • Assessing your next steps in your automation journey



ERP Roadmap Assessment Raffle


As an EBS customer, modernizing your ERP to drive innovation and deliver business value based on your unique IT & business needs & your differentiating processes can include:

  • Upgrading to EBS 12.x “continuous innovation” release
  • Deploying EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Azure, AWS, etc.
  • Migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Adopting a Hybrid/Coexistence Strategy


to win a comprehensive unbiased assessment of your current environment, which delivers:

  • ERP best practices and recommendations to drive efficiency
  • Strategy for Master Data Management to support analytics
  • Evaluation of client’s on-premise EBS and recommendations for migration or upgrade
  • Roadmap for the optimal future state of Oracle EBS and the Cloud

As a trusted advisor to our 1,100+ customers, including 1/3rd of Fortune 500 brands, we work proactively & strategically with our clients in their IT and business transformations across multi-year engagements & diverse industry verticals. We take pride in our commitment to finding the ideal solution for each of our customers, and have built a practice committed to accommodating those needs.


IoT Session at the Booth #1023


IoT Applications in Asset Intensive Industries Such As Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, etc.


Date & Time: Monday September 16th, 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Date & Time: Wednesday September 18th, 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM


What you will learn in this session:

a. An overview of Critical Asset Tracking and Asset Performance Monitoring


b. The business benefits of Critical Asset Tracking and Asset Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring physical assets
  • Automated inventory control
  • Streamlined maintenance management
  • Preventing loss
  • Regulatory management and compliance
  • Providing better customer service

c. A step-by-step approach to successful IoT implementation and ROI realization



Meet our experts to learn how ITC’s IoT solutions can help you drive top line and bottom line growth:

  • 25% improvement in asset utilization
  • 20% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 20% improvement in asset availability


Test Automation Session at the Booth #1023


Powering Test Automation with AI


Date: Tuesday September 17th , 2019
Time: 2:00pm to 2:30pm


You’ll learn about:

  • Easily master test automation with ITC Test Design Automation solutions
  • Reverse-engineer from existing assets and deliver continuous automation
  • Reusing automation to deliver business value beyond test execution
  • Building test assets faster through AI & NLP driven technology for faster time-to-market
  • Automated impact analysis and optimized test plans when requirements change
  • Unlocking the business value & realizing optimal cost savings through automation


Meet with ITC Experts to explore how AI-Driven Test Design Automation Reduces Business Dependency & Testing Time, delivering:

  • 50% Efficiency Gains Over Manual E2E Testing
  • 100% Test Coverage With 40% Optimized Regression Suite
  • 40% Productivity Gain With 50% Reduced Cycle Time During Progression Testing
  • Drastic Reduction in Test Design Effort (72 Hrs Manual vs 1 Hr Using ITC Solutions)


Speak with an expert at Oracle Openworld


IT Convergence is a global Oracle consulting firm that provides white-glove services for Oracle Enterprise solutions.

Recognition & Expertise

  • Oracle Platinum Partner & Oracle Excellence Awards Recipient
  • Advisory Board Member of Oracle EBS
  • Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) & Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Recognition for 8+ years (2012-2019)
  • Oracle ACE Directors & Deep Functional Expertise



Presenter’s Info and Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2019



Oracle OpenWorld 2019


Chief Technology Officer


Gustavo is an Oracle ACE Director and IT Convergence’s Chief Technology Officer, and has been with ITC since 2006. Throughout his tenure as CTO, Gustavo has led IT Convergence by anticipating and reacting to major technology changes, making sure our teams – and our customers – are one step ahead.

Gustavo’s thought leadership has been presented in more than 200 conferences around the world in more than 25 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. He is an author of multiple Oracle publications, and the President of the Latin American Oracle User Community.


Mission Possible: Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and PPM on Three Continents in Six Months [Monday, September 16]


Monday, Sept 16, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Moscone West – Room 2022A

In this session go backstage as an Oracle service provider implements Oracle Cloud SaaS ERP, HCM, and PPM internally. Get an inside look at the implementation that spanned three continents; included ERP, HCM, PPM, and 15 modules; required PaaS4SaaS as some tailoring was needed as well as integrations with other cloud applications; and was completed in six months. The session also includes a case study of one of the few implementations in Argentina and Brazil.

Session Code: BUS1157
Conference: Oracle OpenWorld

Gustavo Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer, IT Convergence, Inc.


Complying with Local Statutory Departments in Latin America [Monday, September 16]


Monday, Sept 16, 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM
Moscone West – Room 2024A

In this session learn how organizations in Latin America (from Mexico to Argentina) are complying with requirements established by local statutory departments. For instance, Latin America is becoming a world leader in the use of electronic invoicing as governments spearhead the drive to reduce tax evasion through real-time invoice validation. Quite a few countries—and the list is growing—have created an electronic accounting legislation that impacts how you manage your chart of accounts as well as accounting records and transactions in your ERP.

Session Code: CON1159
Conference: Oracle OpenWorld

Gustavo Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer, IT Convergence, Inc.


Embracing Constant Technical Innovation in Our Daily Life [Wednesday, September 18]


Wednesday, Sept 18, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Moscone South – Room 304

Disruptive technologies are constantly emerging, with right-now autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, APIs, serverless, Kubernetes, and much more. The panelists in this session present real-life advice and strategies based on decades of experience in IT. You will learn how to keep up with disruption and transition from traditional technologies to a more cloud-only environment. Questions addressed:

• How does technology influence our daily work?
• Which technologies should developers and architects be focusing on or checking out?
• How does rapid technological evolution influence the way projects are delivered?
• How do experts use these emergent technologies in their daily lives?

Session Code: DEV6013
Conference: Oracle CodeOne

Gustavo Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer, IT Convergence, Inc.
Debra Lilley, Assoc Director, Accenture
Sven Bernhardt, Senior Solution Architect, OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH
Timothy Hall, DBA, Developer, Author, Trainer,
Francisco Munoz Alvarez, CEO, CloudDB



Oracle OpenWorld 2019


CMS BI Director


Edelweiss is an Oracle ACE Director specializing in analytics, author and an Oracle community leader. She serves as Vice President and Director of Community for the Latin American Oracle Users Council, and is a founding member and VP of the Oracle User Group of Uruguay.

At IT Convergence, Edelweiss is the Director of the Business Intelligence and Analytics practice. Edelweiss has technical certifications in Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Big Data, and Oracle Data Integration, and years of hands-on experience with Oracle BI solutions.


Using Machine Learning and Oracle Analytics Cloud for Proactive Analytics [Monday, September 16]


Monday, Sept 16, 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM
Moscone South – Room 301

The way we perform analytics has changed during the last few years. Besides doing the usual descriptive analytics, we need to be some steps ahead and predict the clients’ and market’s behaviors to increase the business or analyze patterns to detect and predict fraud. This session explains the role of machine learning in predictive and proactive analytics. It covers the prebuilt machine learning features included in Oracle Analytics Cloud and shows how to create and train machine learning models for predicting the desired output. The session includes a live demo.

Session Code: DEV3136
Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Code One

Edelweiss Kammermann, CMS BI Director, IT Convergence, Inc.


Data Integration in Oracle Cloud: The Dream Team for End-to-End Analytics [Wednesday, September 18]


Wednesday, Sept 18, 4:45 PM – 5:30 PM
Moscone South – Room 159B

Having the right answer to your questions immediately, plus access to the right data, is crucial. You also need predictive and proactive analytics to make the right decisions. But how do you get the right data from many sources, including big data sources? And how can you achieve great performance without spending hours and days trying to tune each query? In this session learn how the integration of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, and Oracle Analytics Cloud solves these issues and how these cloud services can be created and integrated. The session includes a live demo.

Session Code: CON3137
Oracle OpenWorld

Edelweiss Kammermann, CMS BI Director, IT Convergence, Inc.


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud for Developers and Data Scientists [Thursday, September 19]


Thursday, Sept 19, 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM
Moscone South – Room 203

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the easiest option for having a data warehouse or data lake in the cloud in just a few minutes without having to worry about performance tuning or DB administration tasks. It provides CPU and storage online scaling and high availability on each component. In this session, you will see how easy it is to create an Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud instance, start developing immediately, and use machine learning features for cleaning and analyzing data, discovering patterns, and performing predictive analytics. The presentation includes live demos.

Session Code: DEV3135
Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Code One

Edelweiss Kammermann, CMS BI Director, IT Convergence, Inc.

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