5 Steps for a Successful & Quick Oracle R12.2 Upgrade

April 26, 2022

Application modernization is a given, and as such, software upgrades are a fact of any application’s lifecycle. Such is the case with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

Upgrades go beyond a new look and feel to your application (which is pretty impressive, to be honest), but they are also a vehicle to power your digital transformation initiatives as you start strategizing for your next modernization steps.

We’ve said it before, but we truly believe that all organizations should have a cloud strategy at least in the next 5 to 10 years, and the same holds true for Oracle EBS. But the day-to-day reality of your business is that you simply might not be ready to soar to the cloud just yet, which is completely understandable. If that’s your scenario, for whatever reason, upgrading to the latest release of the on-premises software version of Oracle EBS is a no-brainer.

By upgrading to Oracle EBS R12.2.x, you’ll get immediate access to new features, functionalities, Online Patching, security patches, and other cool EBS 2022 innovations like Enterprise Command Centers. Also, your product will be covered by Oracle’s Continuous Innovation program which pledges Premier Support through at least 2033.

With Premier Support, your EBS software will receive ongoing updates, fixes, and security patches that help make release 12.2 the most stable release of Oracle EBS.

You more than anyone else know how important it is to upgrade your Oracle EBS software, and we’re here to make your life easier on that front. For this piece, we’ve put together 5 tips that can help you ensure a successful and quick EBS upgrade project.

Oracle EBS R12.2 Upgrade Steps

1. Undergo a Rich Environment Assessment and Identify Pain Points

Software upgrade projects are not short of complexities, especially one as important as the one to release 12.2. In good news, we can report that the upgrade to Oracle EBS R12.2 is the last major or difficult upgrade you’ll ever have to make.

By assessing the current state of your environment, you’ll be able to assertively identify the pain points, bottlenecks, and other obstacles that could hinder the success and viability of your upgrade. For example, with an environment assessment you could identify the volume of customizations in your EBS environment. Typically, customizations take most of the bulk of effort when upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2 so it will help you save a lot of time to identify early on to then determine which can be replaced with standard functionality or be eliminated altogether.

If you are currently paying for Market Driven Support, you should also perform an environment assessment and cost analysis to determine how much money you could be saving by upgrading to EBS R12.2 vs paying for MDS.

2. Identify System Gaps

No system is perfect and Oracle EBS is no exception. Identify gaps, imperfections, or any faults that you spot in your system to decide whether you want to engage third-party integrations or implement different levels of customization.

Identifying system gaps can also give you a glimpse of everything you’ll gain out of your upgrade. As stated earlier, Oracle EBS R12.2 is Oracle’s most stable release of EBS and it’s also the most feature-packed, so chances are that your gaps or faults are already addressed and solved in Release 12.2.

3. Be Realistic About your Upgrade Plan

The Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrade is not as cut-and-dry as we’d like it to be. The technical, functional, and DBA efforts are substantial, with each providing specific areas of attention that you need to focus on to be successful.

Having helped countless clients upgrade to Oracle EBS R12.2 successfully and quickly, we’ve developed resource-sharing models that split portions of the upgrade effort with the client’s internal teams. That way, clients can align their business concerns with an upgrade model that fits their needs. Whether you’re focused on reducing risks, saving money, or ensuring knowledge transfer, there’s an ITC model combination that works for you.

4. Partner with the Right Consultants

There’s no shortage of vendors who can help you upgrade to Oracle EBS R12.2 successfully, but will they truly help protect your costs, risks, and mission-critical operations?

The Oracle EBS upgrade project involves important functional, technical, and DBA workstreams that require rich expertise and experience to get the job done properly. Ensure your goals and desired business outcomes are front and center, architecting a plan that works solely to meet your unique business needs.

5. Educate and Train Users

The Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrade project is a huge undertaking that will introduce your organization to an entirely new version of the EBS software, so it’s essential that you consider training and educating your employees and users to get the most out of this revamped EBS application.

Training people on certain functionalities like Enterprise Command Centers will ensure your teams maximize the advantages and minimize risks, actually leveraging the power EBS unlocks for your business.

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