Building a Business Case to Upgrade to R12.2.X

September 14, 2021

Oracle E-Business Suite continues to receive ongoing investments and enhancements from Oracle as the application is part of its Continuous Innovation commitment that pledges to support the system through at least 2032 under Premier Support.

For this to be applicable, your Oracle EBS system needs to be on release 12.2.X. As businesses continue to strategize for modern business demands while accommodating strategic elements such as costs, risks, and digital transformation endeavors, it’s important that as an application owner, you build a strong business case of why it’s necessary for your organization to upgrade its EBS to R12.2.X.

To build a business case to upgrade to R12.2.X, we’ve prepared this set of questions that you can answer to identify if any of the following circumstances apply to your business:

  • Do you need high availability for your operations? One of the fundamental innovations in Oracle EBS R12.2.X is Online Patching. Online Patching allows you to store multiple application editions in the database with a dual application tier file system. The features of online patching include:
    • Patching is performed while applications are in use and users are online. Online patching is easy and convenient as users can continue to work without major interruptions in the system.
    • The new AD Online Patching utility performs the actual online patching.
    • There is only a short period of downtime required to restart the application tier services and, worth mentioning, the database does not need to be restarted.
  • Do you want to benefit from the innovations delivered in Oracle EBS R12.2.X? Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model ensures that your EBS instance, once on R12.2.X, continues to receive new updates, fixes, and security patches to keep your system compliant, optimized, and secure. To top it all off, Oracle EBS R12.2.X can also help you reduce the number of customizations and improve your automation efforts.
  • Are you worried about balancing costs, risks, or knowledge transfer to your internal teams during the upgrade project? IT Convergence has resource-sharing models that split portions of the tasks between expert IT Convergence consultants and your internal teams to reduce costs, minimize risks, or ensure knowledge transfer depending on your unique upgrade needs.
  • Do you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of staying on Premier Support? The truth of the matter is, there’s no other form of support that’s as comprehensive as Premier Support and while on it, you can be confident that your system is up to the latest standards, complies with the most current regulatory requirements, is fully optimized for superior performance, and is the most secure and stable instance you can work with.


With the answer to these questions, you are more than well on your way to a robust business case of why it’s important that you upgrade to Oracle EBS R12.2.X. As an application owner, the focus of your reasoning behind upgrading is bringing a modern experience to your EBS with key innovations and enhancements that will boost the performance across areas your EBS supports.

In addition, we’ve prepared an 8-item list of the reasons to upgrade your Oracle EBS R12.2.X, so you can have greater insights and a bigger outlook on how valuable and important it is that you take this strategic modernization journey for your organization.

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