Database Upgrade as Part of the R12.2 Upgrade

March 9, 2021

What is your current EBS database version? Do you know what the most current long-term release database is for Oracle EBS?

With questions like these, we’d like to give you an idea of how your database version plays a key role when thinking about support timelines aligning with your EBS support timeline.

By the end of this year, in December 2021, EBS clients on versions below EBS R12.2 will lose Premier Support, exposing EBS investment to potential security threats and unwanted costs of working with an unsupported version that no longer receives fixes, updates, and security patches.

Not only that, but customers running Oracle EBS with database versions 12.1 and below should have upgraded their database by December 2020 to avoid paying extra support fees since Oracle waived extended support fees for Oracle Database 12.1 and 11.2 for Oracle Database licenses used for Oracle EBS.

The Extended Support for Oracle Database 12.1 is coming to an end in July 2021, so the time is now to upgrade or migrate your EBS as part of a robust strategy to upgrade or modernize your Oracle EBS platform.

To help you take action today, our set of proven approaches can help you reduce your upgrade costs, minimize risks, and ensure knowledge transfer. How? We offer strategic resource-sharing models to successfully complete your upgrade by combining your internal staff with ITC expertise across key areas: Project Management, Functional Consulting, CEMLI Remediation, and Application DBA.

These resource-sharing models range from:

  • A fully-staffed solution where we walk with you every step of the upgrade process,
  • A task-sharing solution where our ITC consultants split a portion of the tasks with your internal staff,
  • A kick-start solution where we help you through the initial stages of the upgrade and pass on knowledge to your team so they can carry the project to completion, or,
  • A combination of resources that accommodate your unique needs.

We help you find the right combination of solutions to help you reduce costs, minimize risks, and ensure knowledge transfer during your database upgrade or migrate, as well as your EBS upgrade project.

Your database upgrade can be challenging if you don’t have the right combination of expertise and technical knowledge by your side – especially if you are upgrading your database and your EBS applications at the same time. IT Convergence consultants have profound knowledge in database upgrades/migrations, as well as Oracle EBS upgrades. Our Database consultants set out to find the best, fastest upgrade or migration method based on your unique needs, your source and destination platform, and Oracle Database release.

Download our ebook to learn more about the different Oracle Database Upgrade and Migrate Method and download our flyer to learn more about our resource-sharing models!

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