Top 3 Things To Look For in the Latest EBS Version

October 22, 2021

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users who have upgraded to latest EBS version 12.2 can attest to the stability, performance, and optimization of working with the most up-to-date system. On top of the innovations gained from working with a fully optimized and compliant system, there’s true peace of mind in knowing that your Oracle EBS is under the Premier Support umbrella, which continuously delivers new updates, fixes, and security patches to keep your system healthy.

After months of campaigning for EBS clients to upgrade to release 12.2, Oracle continues to double-down its unwavering support and investments for EBS versions above release 12.2 with almost yearly major upgrades that require little effort on your part thanks to the underlying application and middleware technology updates that happen without disrupting the Oracle EBS run time and with minimal downtime thanks to Online Patching.

If you’re still below release 12.2, we’d like to list out three major things that you can look forward to by upgrading to the Oracle EBS latest version.

Major Features in Oracle Latest EBS Version 12.2

Interface and Application Controls

With Oracle EBS release 12.2, clients can expect a new homepage with easily configurable sections and icons, mimicking the look and feel of modern cloud applications. This new and improved user experience puts users in control of the functional icons they want to see on the homepage, making it easier to access the modules that are more important to your organization’s mission-critical tasks.

Online Patching

In release 12.2, Oracle EBS introduced Online Patching, which is enforced by the AD Online Patching (ADOP) utility. Online Patching applies patches without significant system downtime, storing multiple application editions in the database with a dual application tier file system. For Online Patching to work, one of the file systems is marked as the run system and the other one as the patch system, awaiting the start of the next patching cycle.

Innovations of Release 12.2.X

Oracle EBS release 12.2 is part of Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model that commits to the continuous delivery of functional enhancements as well as the ability to upgrade the underlying technology stack without having to embark on a major upgrade effort. This is coupled with the fact that Oracle has promised to provide Premier Support for release 12.2 through at least 2032. There seems to be a nearly annual cadence for Oracle to release new versions of release 12.2 with the latest one being release 12.2.10 launched in September 2020. The latest EBS release 12.2 is packed with the most up-to-date innovations, bug fixes, statutory and regulatory updates, and more.


Oracle EBS’s latest version 12.2 is deemed the most stable release ever; what’s best, this release is part of Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model, which ensures Premier Support through at least 2032 for versions above release 12.2.

It is crucial for Oracle EBS clients with older versions of the system to modernize their EBS instance as soon as possible, especially since Oracle announced that it would be pulling the plug on Premier Support at the end of December 2021 for clients below release 12.2.

Download our latest infographic “Oracle EBS R12.2: The Best Pre and Post Upgrade Best Practices” to learn more about what you can do before and after the upgrade to set your modernization roadmap up for success.

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