Best Practices to Accelerate Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

February 8, 2022

Organizations are accelerating their Oracle applications, databases, and middleware workload migration to the cloud as part of their cloud adoption. While, not all Oracle enterprise applications are SaaS available, nor are many organizations ready to migrate to SaaS solutions due to functionality needs and/or the migration effort required.

Therefore, they often rehost them on cloud integrated IaaS and PaaS and revise the Oracle Databases as DBaaS, as a pragmatic and affordable alternative to migrating these workloads to the cloud.

Leading organizations globally are today leveraging the power and cost efficiency offered by Oracle Cloud. Post several successful migrations, we share 6 key Oracle Cloud Migration Best Practices to accelerate your successful journey to Oracle Cloud.

Migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or known as (OCI) enables you to:

  • Increase business agility
  • Better manage growth
  • Reduce time and cost for new projects
  • Maximize the productivity of your IT staff

You can utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and its associated database cloud services, or alternatively leverage Exadata Cloud at Customer in your own data center, to run your EBS workloads.

6 Key Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Best Practices

While every migration is different it is important to assess the Overall Objectives & Goals of the migration project beforehand. It may sound simple, however it requires critical assessment of several moving elements in the project during this assessment. For this you can engage an expert to smoothen out this journey, reduce costs and offer flexible solution design to meet your complex environment challenges & needs.

1. Engage Oracle Experts

Partners with exclusive Oracle certifications as a CSPE (Cloud Services Partner) & MSE (Managed Services Expertise) in Oracle workload migrations and managed services for EBS & Business Intelligence. Identify partners with deep migration experience in migrating Oracle & non-Oracle IaaS & PaaS workloads Seek expertise of specialist partners with below mentioned expertise:

OCI Cloud Certified CSPE experts Successful OCI IP, Scripting & Automation for EBS Bundled OCI IaaS, OCI PaaS & ITC PaaS solutions with flexible solution design
Automation resulting in lower labor requirements Inflight database upgrades expertise Successfully migrated complex environments to OCI

2. Migration Tools & Methodologies

Oracle’s proven tools and PaaS solution are designed to successfully execute migration projects. The team should possess extensive knowledge of tool design methodologies for the migration project, and documenting the projects can expedite the migration process.

3. Seamless Production Cutovers

Ensure minimum disruption to the existing production environment and users by planning the testing and production cutovers to non-business hours to minimize the impact.

4. Parallel Tasks

Inflight database upgrades & operating system migrations can be executed saving significant production time. Planning to upgrade EBS 12.1 to E12.2 or above, this will be the best time to take that into the planning process considerations.

5. Continued Support

In house experts or Oracle certified partners with management tools, can handhold your EBS management through expert Managed Services. Engage support from a partner who has expertise in Oracle EBS for Upgrade, Migrate & Management for Oracle & non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Cloud. Oracle CSPEs can also improve efficiencies by providing consistent expert personnel from migration with hyper-care & ongoing support. Like IT Convergence can also provide Right shoring for most advantageous TCO

6. Contractual Efficiencies and Industry Leading SLAs

Seek contracting and support with one contract for cloud & labor. Consulting, Build, Upgrade, Migrate all under one single contract with industry-leading SLAs for initial response, communication & escalation. In case of running hybrid/Multi-cloud environments, a partner with years of data center experience along with expertise in other third party clouds such as Amazon, Azure etc will translate into higher efficiencies.

How to Ensure Adequate EBS Performance?

To ensure the operational performance of your EBS system meets your requirements during migration to OCI, it’s important to assess the effort and risks associated with losing CEMLI. We suggest migrating a test environment to conduct benchmark tests and verify performance before migrating the production environment. Our proprietary framework, including inflight database upgrades, can help save crucial testing time.

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